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Bus. Math help!
A $104,000 selling price with $24,000 down at 81∕ % for 25 years results in a monthly payment of 2 A. $654.60. B. $546.06. C. $645.60. D. $644.80. Answer: C????

Scale on a map is 1:1000 What does 1cmsquared on a map represent

A 4.0-m-long steel wire has a cross-sectional area of 0.050cm2. Its proportional limit has a value of 0.0016 times its Young's modulus. Its breaking stress has a value of 0.0065 times its Young's modulus. The wire is fastened at its upper end and hangs vertically. A. ...

Mathematics Ms Sue help
400 m

physical science 101
A person dives off the edge of a cliff 40m above the surface of the sea below. Assuming that air resistance is negligible, (a) How long does it dive last? (b) and with what speed does the person enter the water?

physical science 101
A bullet is fired horizontally from a rifle at 300m/s from a cliff above a plain below. The bullter reaches the plain 6s later. (a) How high was the cliff? (b) How far from the cliff did the bullet reach the plain? (c) What was the bullet's speed when it reached the plain?

physical science 101
A box of mass 7.0kg is accelerated from resr across a floor at a rate of 4.0m/s2 for 5.0s. Find the net work done on the box.

physical science 101
How long will it take a 1000kg cat=r with a power output of 30,000W to go from rest to 20m/s?

hjysical science
A car makes a turn with a 20m radius, the car's speed is 10m.s. what is the centripetal acceleration?

this is about cornell note taking...i'm done taking notes but i'm having trouble with the summary and the question area...i don't know what to ask ....for the question can u help? The question area...put in a question that you think the teacher might ask ...