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Greatest Common Factors
The fifth-graders could evenly be in 1 group of 36 ... or 2 groups of 18 ...or 3 groups of 12 ... or 4 groups of 9 ... or 6 groups of 6 ... or 9 groups of 4 ...or 12 groups of 3 ... or 18 groups of 2 ... or 36 groups of 1 The fourth-graders could evenly be in 1 group of 27......

math/prime factorization
Prime factorization means, break down into a multiplication problem using only prime numbers. Keep breaking down the numbers until you just have prime numbers in it. 36=3X12 36=3X3X4 36=3X3X2X2 or 36=4X9 36=2X2X9 36=2X2X3X3 You will see it does not matter which two factors you...

Use the order of Operations to decide what to do first. 1. Do what is inside Parenthesis or brackets 2. Do exponents 3. Do multiplication and division 4. Do addition and subtractions Problem 1: Do the exponents first (-3)^3= (-3)X(-3)X(-3)=? Then do the multiplication (-8)X(-2...

Range is defined as the difference between the highest and the lowest. Difference means subtraction. 119-(-54)= ______________ 119+54 = _________ If you have trouble with subtracting integers think of a thermometer. 119 is 119 degrees above zero. -54 is 54 degrees below zero. ...

Formulas and Literal Equations
Have not a clue please help to figure this one out: P-Q=-R, for Q Do you wish to solve for Q? If so, subtract P from both sides. P-P-Q=-R-P Combine terms. -Q=-R-P Multiply by -1 Q = R+P

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