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Spanish Song Translation
Please don't use translators/translations you find

Spanish Song Translation
Can someone please translate the last two stanzas of "Bonito" by Jarabe de Palo? I tried translating it but couldn't and so I tried to find a good translation that looked like a human and not a translator did it, but that didn't work out either. So now I'...

Algebra 2 honours
can someone please tell me how to factor out (x^6+1)^4? please show me how you got the answer... Thank You... :D

3x + 7(x-2)-13 = 12 -3x = 3x +7x-14-13 = 12-3x 10x-27=12-3x 13x-27=12 13x=39 x=3 Check: 3(3)+7(3-2)-13 = 12-3(3) 9+7-13=12-9 3=3 Correct.... Hope this helps!

Social Studies
There aren't any stoneage artifacts (?) not so sure but I think that's the answer anyways.

well, the (x+7)(x-1)=0 part is right but you must get x = NEGATIVE 7 or x=1. Look at it this way... x+7 = 0 or x-1 = 0 -7 -7 +1 +1 x = -7 or x = 1 So be sure to check your signs before you finish! Hope this helps!