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AlgebRA / MATH

Find the derivative of y=cos(squarerootsin(tzn(pi*x)))

Physical Science
Consider the current-carrying wires in the figure. Both cases consist of long straight wires carrying a current I. In both cases, the wire is also bent in the shape of a circular loop of radius R. The only difference is in how the bending of the wire is done to create the ...

during what part of bernice bobs her hair does bernice cut Marjories braids

give the prime factorization of 189

Physical Science
The frequency of circular motion for a charged particle moving around in the presence of a uniform magnetic field does not depend on ... a)The radius of the circle b)The mass of the particle c)The charge of the particle d)The magnitude of the magnetic field e)Actually, it ...


Physical Science
Two parallel transmission wires are laid between electrical towers. The distance between towers is 200 m, while the separation between the parallel wires is only 2.5 m. If the wires carry each a current of 1000 A, the magnitude of the force between the wires is closest to ... ...

Physical Science
A 9-Volt battery is used to charge a 280 mF capacitor over a 81 Ohms resistance. How long will it take for the capacitor to reach 75% of its maximum charge? What formula is relevant?

I need to SHOW DON'T TELL for my essay but need help showing Mischievous, Please Help

social studies
i would use my textbook if i had one!

social studies
what positive changes did kublai bring to ching? i have a test tomorrow please help!

social studies
what made the mongols powerful conquerors?

n = 14

Thesis statement
How do you start a thesis statement that discusses the use of metaphors, simile, imagery and symbolism in a text?

your welcome!:)

could change the second and to where.

The burglas climbed hastily out of the window, terrified that he'd be caught. He didn't notice the water-butt and eventually got stuck in it and he was caught by the passing policeman.

Can you please prrof reread this paper for me? As you seen before I had to write about different ethnic groups and discrimination. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! Jews in America Jews in the United States have faced prejudice, segregation, and racism. From the time ...

3rd grade
Basic Literary Elements Chart Characters Setting Conflict Theme Protagonists: Time: Who is involved: Antagonist: Place: Type of conflict:

I have a paper started for my ethics class, but I am not sure if it fits the "criteria" or not. I am supposed to write about an ethic group to which I belong. I decided to do White women. But then I am supposed to have how the group colonized or immigrated to the US...

ETH 125
I need to write an essay answering questions. I am having trouble finding any websites on the group that I have chose. Can anyone help me find a site or a couple to answer these following questions? Did the group face prejudice, segregation, racism or any combo of the three? ...

Each base angle of an isosceles triangle measures 42°. The base is 14.6 feet long. A) Find the length of a leg of the triangle. Round to the nearest tenth of a foot.  B) Find the altitude of the triangle. Round to the nearest tenth of a foot.

A blueprint for a house shows a bedroom being 5.5 inches wide. The scale used to create the blueprint is 0.50 in. = 1 ft. What is the actual width of the bedroom?

I am having trouble finding anything to answer this question. Any help I would appreciate it! Describe Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and indicate why species are able to adapt to changes in their enviroment. Be sure to include a discussion of how "survival of ...

college algebra
By setting up and solving a proportion involving x, find the value of x for the car that you have chosen. State the type of car, the mileage, and show both the set up of the proportion and the steps to solve. Include units with your answer. How would I do this problem? What ...

The US has money is all i could come up with. But that isn't true since we are about 3+ Trillion dollars in deficit due to wars and many other things.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the current democratic system. In the chapter on the presidency, for example, you must determine the most and least important presidential power. I have some ideas like the pros are the checks and balances system that keep things equal...

I just want to see what you all think. I had to write a paper on Malathion and the West Nile Virus. I also had to go by the following topics. Please let me know what you think of the paper. Thanks! Hazard Identification: A lot of people including but not limited to those that ...

Environmental Science
Does anyone know where I can find information on camparing the use of Malathion to the risk of contracting the West Nile Virus? I have to explain my vote and consider any relevant political, social and economical aspects. Just having trouble finding information, and following ...


I don't think this is totally a homework question, but maybe someone can help. I have to do a PowerPoint presentation soon and have to add speaker notes. Well I have PowerPoint 97....How can I add the speaker notes in that? I know how in 07 but I guess that don't help ...

What could you do to eliminate racial prejudice and stereotypes and reduce their damage? How does this sound for this question? About the only way I can think of helping stop some of the racism and stereotyping is to educate people mainly our children about other cultures and ...

I am having such a hard time in this class. Hopefully someone here can help me to understand some of what they are trying to teach me. I have a problem here and have been working on it for about an hour now and I can not figure it out. I need to come up with an answer but I ...

Your Microsoft/Powerpoint is a program that you can buy. If you are enrolled in a college, usually you can get it for a discount. This will be a program that is downloaded onto your computer. I hope this helps.

Just have a question if to if anyone can show me how to set up a APA citation reference and a in-text citation...... Also how to set up APA format..I read the directions and still get it wrong, so if anyone knows how to simplify it for me I would appreciate it!!!

Shouldnt this be rounded up to 111? Since the exact answer is 110.156 and you cant play 110.156 tournament, you would have to play either 110 or 111 tournaments. If you only played 110 you would not have exactly 1,000,000....

How can we solve this using a Venn diagaram? 12 out of 1000 women at age forty who participate in routine screening have breast cancer. 880 out of 1000 women with breast cancer will get positive mammographies. 90 out of 1000 women without breast cancer will also get positive ...

Math - Venn Diagrams
How can we solve this using a Venn diagaram? 12 out of 1000 women at age forty who participate in routine screening have breast cancer. 880 out of 1000 women with breast cancer will get positive mammographies. 90 out of 1000 women without breast cancer will also get positive ...

At Guadalajara Airport, passengers must claim their luggage and then proceed to Customs. In the Customs area, each passenger will press a button that activates a modified stoplight. This light has only red and green bulbs. If the green light shows, the passenger is free to go...

College chemistry
a) is around 2.0 b) is zero, all the substance has vaporized at 25 degress there for none of it will be left as a liquid

Literary Analysis and Composition
exposition in the story A cub pilot

I need to know what's the right answer to introducing organized sports among young children is not recommended because

2nd grade
How many flat surfaces, vertices, & edges does a cylinder have??

how did the oceans formstion affect the atmosphere?

how do scientists think the ocean was formed?

how do volcanic out-gasses affect the atmosphere?

Gerry, who weighs 500 newtons, is late for class. It takes her 7.5 seconds to run up two flights of stairs, a total height of 8.0 meters. How much power does Gerry expend in her run upstairs?

what is the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle ABC? round the answer to one decimal place.

How do I find the answer to this question? (9x squared + 6x- 3)- (-5x squared + 8x-8)

Does "Uchi de nani-go o hanashimasu ka" mean "What language do you speak at home?"

Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the logarithmic formula that gives the pH of a substance. State what each variable in your equation represents. Find the pH of an acidic substance of your choice. Using this pH, show how to find the ...

principles of business
what should i do so my business can grow internally and externally?

Math - Probability
A developer can buy a piece of property that will produce a profit of $16,000 with probability .7, or a loss of $9000 with probability .3. What is the expected profit?

how many atoms of CA is found in the mineral Hydroxyapatite( Ca5OH(PO4)3 How many atoms of H is found in the mineral Hydroxyapatite, How many atom of O in Hydroxyapatite, How many atom sof P, and has a molar mass mass of___________?

social studies

1. the volume of an idea gas is 2.06L at standard temperature and pressure. Calculate the volume at 1.75 atm and 27CELCIUS. 2. Ethane, C2h6 has a molar heat of vaporization of 15kj/mole. How many kilojoules or energy are required to vaporize 5 g of ethane?

Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that growth rate to ...

8th grade

Chuujokujin desu. Namae wa Yon desu. It is Chinsese. It's name is Yon. Is that what those sentences mean in English?

how do u solve "why did zorna pour ketchup on her brothers hand?"

what word is similar to the definition "to make significant" or "to make unique" ?

x=arcsin(5/13) y=arccos(3/5) so find those calculations and plug it into cos(x+y) or in other words cos(x+y)=(arcsin(5/13)+arccos(3/5))

can you please try to explain this to me so i understand

what is the wavelength of radiation with a frequency of 1.50 times 10^13s-1? Does this radiationhave a longer or shorter wavelength than red light? also... What is the energy of a photon of microwave radiation with a frequency of 3.20 times 10^11 s-1?

2nd grade math
2 tens 1 one is right

a ball is thrown upward. its initial verticle component of velocity is 10 m/s and its initial horizontal component of velocity is 2 m/s. what is the ball's speed 10 s later?

D) neither a or b

a projectile launched horizontally hits the ground in .6 seconds. if it had been launched with a much lower speed in the same direction, it would have hit the ground in

Some college students collected data on the intensity of light at various depths in a lake. Here are their data: Depth (meters) Light intenisty (lumens) 5 168.00 6 120.42 7 86.31 8 61.87 9 44.34 10 31.78 11 22.78 Take the natural logarithm (ln) of the light intensity ...

yeah part exams library go there Pre-Calculus exam

How would I say my younger twin sister's name is Rachel in Japanese? Is it "Futago no imooto no namae wa Rachel desu"? And when I am saying there are so many people in my family, do I include myself in that count?

12th Grade Math
you should Pre-Calculus exams grade 12 exams joined week

Human Resources Management
Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position you selected for your final project: o Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training ...

Japanese Question
What do these four sentences mean: 1. Kono hon wa anata no desu ka. 2. Enpitsu wa soko desu. 3. Soko wa enpitsu desu. 4. Koko wa anata no shashin desu.

How do I write the following four sentences in romaji: 1. Is this book yours? 2. Your money is over there. 3. There is your pencil. 4. Here is your photo.

essay writing
amazing thing that cause the world to go round

The answer is 0

how many words can you find with corp in them?

Crunchy Corn Chips are packaged in bags labeled "net weight 10 ounces." In fact, the weight of a bag of Crunchy Corn Chips follows a normal distribution with mean ì ounces and standard deviation ó ounces. Worried about customer complaints and potential ...

A particular sprinter reaches a horizontal acceleration of 13.3 m/s2 out of the starting block. The starting block is tilted such that the vertical component of the force which the starting block exerts on the sprinter compensates for the weight of the sprinter, leading to a ...

Underlying causes of unipolar and bipolar disorders

4th grade english
Bid an buy, wonderful prizes from around the world! Time: Saturday, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Which sentence has a punctuation error? Would it be the first sentence? I think you should take the comma out after buy.

How do the characters, plot, and theme of The Great Gatsby refute the statement that "the Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character"? Use specific details and lines from the novel to support your view.

a real estate broker earns a salary of & 21,000 plus 2.5% of the value of any real estate sold. Last year the broker earned $ 52,000. What was the total vaule of all real estate sold by the broker.

can u give me five percentagesx for homework Thanks

write the word form of the number that is 10,000,000 greater than 6,021,849

Final Project Analyzing Psychological Disorders

climate depends on such factors as an area's

Need help on interval notations, need more of a definition and understanding, please help!

English 3
im doing this now. its hard

Partial English
1.What sentence is the topic sentence of the paragraph? a.) A trip to the beach can be relaxing. something similar

Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies
Your hospital has just received a reimbursement rejection from the fiscal intermediary for two outpatient procedures that were performed on the same day. This rejection was probably generated by

Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies
Your hospital has just received a reimbursement rejection from the fiscal intermediary for two outpatient procedures that were performed on the same day. This rejection was probably generated by

Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies
As a new health information management department director, you want to ensure that your department is adhering to the applicable state and federal coding guidelines and regulations. One way to ensure this is to

how to calculate food you buy

Write structural formula for : 3 ethyl- 2,3,- dimethylpentane ALSO How many single bonds are in a hexane molecule?

acidity of functional groups
can some1 please tell rank for me from most acidic to least acidic? thank you. carboxylic acid ester amide nitrile aldehyde ketone phenol alcohol amine anhydride

What were the effects the factories had on the social conditions in this country(United States) in the 1800s?

What is the freezing point of a solution of 12.0 g of CCl4 dissolved in 750.0 g of benzene? The freezing point of benzene is 5.48°C; Kf is 5.12°C/m.

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