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  1. algebra 1

    Part A: Explain why the x-coordinates of the points where the graphs of the equations y = 4x and y = 2x?2 intersect are the solutions of the equation 4x = 2x?2. Part B: Make tables to find the solution to 4x = 2x?2. Take the integer values of x between ?3 and 3. Part C: How ...
  2. Physics

    On a cold winter day, a penny (mass 2.50 g) and a nickel (mass 5.00 g) are lying on the smooth (frictionless) surface of a frozen lake. With your finger, you flick the penny toward the nickel with a speed of 2.50 m/s . The coins collide elastically; calculate both their final ...
  3. AP Calculus

    Consider the function f(x) = 1/4x^4 - 5/3x^3 - 3/2x^2 + 15x - 3. A. Find the relative extrema for f(x); be sure to label each as a maximum or minimum. You do not need to find function values; just find the x-values. B. Determine the interval(s) where f(x) is increasing (if any...
  4. Statistics

    About 74% of young adult Internet users (aged 18 to 29) use social network sites. Suppose that a sample survey contacts an SRS of 2000 young adult Internet users and calculates the proportion p? in this sample who use social network sites.
  5. math

    if the temperature is -3f at 10:00 pm and the temperature falls four degrees overnight what is the resulting temperature
  6. MATH

    A total of $700 was split into two investments. Part paid 9% and the remainder paid 6%. If the annual interest from the two investments was $57.00, how much was invested at each rate?
  7. SS

    Thank You very much!
  8. SS

    Hi. I just got hw to do and I got one question Why do we celebrate Columbus Day? And why is it so important? - Steph
  9. Math

    What is the ratio of 3 and 6? What is the ratio of 1 and 6? What is the ratio of 1 and 2? What is the ratio of 3 and 1? What is the ratio of 2 and 6? What is the ratio of 3 and 2? How do you find a ratio?
  10. MATH

    How many license plates are possible consisting of 4 letters followed by 2 digits, if the first letter must be a C? Repetition is allowed.
  11. Physics

    Write 2.38x10 to the 6th power in standard notation
  12. maths

    there are 12 questions on a paper, 80% pass rate, didn't have time to do last 3 questions will I pass if the ones I did do are correct
  13. Chemistry

    Rank the following molecules in order of water solubility. ch3ch2ch2ch3, ch3oh, nacl, and ch3chohcooh
  14. Chemistry

    Why water can be used as a solvent in paper chromatography?
  15. Math

    how to find the curved surface area of a cone when the height is 25mm and circumference is 132mm ?
  16. Math

    a hollow metal sphere has an internal radius of 20cm and an external radius of 30cm , given that the density of the metal is 7.8, find the mass of the sphere , expressing your answer in kg.
  17. Math

    The heights of three plants A,B and C in a garden are in the ratio 2 : 3 :5. their mean height is 30cm a) find the height of plant b b) if another plant D is added to the garden and the mean height of the four plant is now 33cm , find the height of D plant
  18. Algebra

    Is this sequence 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 an arithmetic or geometric sequence? Then find the explicit formula and recursive formula for the given sequence.

    You are watering your lawn with a hose when you put your finger over the hose opening to increase the distance the water reaches. If you are pointing the hose at the same angle and the distance the water reaches increases by a factor of 4, what fraction of the hose opening did...

    A unicycle with a tire 44.0 cm in diameter travels 2.00 km. How many revolutions does the wheel make?

    An object hanging on a scale reads 24.0g when submerged in water, but 48.0g when submerged in oil (specific gravity 0.80) Find the density of the object.
  22. Physics! Rolling Masses! HELP

    The five masses below all have the same radius and a cylindrically symmetric mass distribution. They start to roll down an inclined plane, starting from rest, at the same time and from the same height. Give their order of arrival at the bottom. (a) Icm=935 g*cm2, M = 44g (b) ...
  23. math

    the interest is 11.40
  24. math

    thank u Ms.Sue!! 100%!!!
  25. Chemistry

    A student collected concentration data to determine the rate of the decomposition of N2O5 to NO2 and O2. The data were recorded in the table below. What is the rate law of this reaction? k[N2O5] k[N2O5]2 k k[NO2]
  26. geography

    Hello I need to find important cities located in the colony Delaware before the year 1776, but I had trouble finding any information could someone possibly help out?
  27. Science

    1.What information would a scientist need to discover whether a disorder had a genetic cause, an environmental cause, or a combination of the two? 2.How do mutations affect an organism? Why can some mutations have no effect? 3.Which of these traits or behaviors is most likely ...

    1.What information would a scientist need to discover whether a disorder had a genetic cause, an environmental cause, or a combination of the two? 2.How do mutations affect an organism? Why can some mutations have no effect? 3.Which of these traits or behaviors is most likely ...
  29. Social Studies

    *sorry* I need the causes that happened during the railroad was constructed. I got one. Is this correct? While the railroad was begins constructed more homes were built. Is that one?
  30. Social Studies

    Hello!I need help with my homework. What causes did the transcontinental railroad do? Thank You for your help.
  31. Reading/ELA

    Thank You!!! :)
  32. Reading/ELA

    Hello! I have a hard time finding out what these words mean? Can you send me any websites? That would help so much! Also, can you send any educational websites for me. I only got an "A" on math and the rest of the subjects are B's. I want to pass all of these ...
  33. Math

    Thank You. I have to write an essay about it. If you have any websites, please sent me some.
  34. Math

    How do you add fraction with whole numbers? Please answer fast.
  35. Reading/ELA

    Thank You
  36. Reading/ELA

    What does the word(s) Elongates,elastic,rigid,accumulate, underlying,intricate,vanish,and replenishing mean?
  37. texas history

    how and why did spanish groups come to texas?
  38. Social Studies

    What were seven weaknesses of the articles of confederation(please answer quick) .Not strong federal government .strong state government
  39. Math

    The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 2 9/10. Find the number.
  40. algebra

    Use Gaussian elimination to find the complete solution to the system of equations, or state that none exists. x+3y+6z=6 y-4z=0
  41. Finite

    Assume that the pond contains 120 fish: 97 green, 22 yellow, and 1 red. A contestant pays $0.60 to randomly catch one fish and receives $0.40 if the fish is green, $0.95 if the fish is yellow, and $11.00 if the fish is red. How much (on average) does the carnival gain on each ...
  42. chemistry

    6.3E7 cm converted to mm would be 4.3cm converted to in would be
  43. MATH

    The position function of a particle is given by s(t) = t^{3}-3t^{2}-7t, t\ge 0 where s is measured in meters and t in seconds. When does the particle reach a velocity of 20 m/s? PLEASE HELP. I found the derivative which is 3t^2-6t-7. Now do I set that equal to 20 or do I try ...
  44. Accounting Principles I

    I have been trying to figure this out forever and just can't. Here is the problem: Reported sales of $300,000 write-offs of uncollectible accounts of $10,000 against the allowance for doubtful accounts and a decrease in net accounts receivable of $40,000 during 2014. What ...
  45. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    Thanks Bosnian. The way you worked it is actually what I had done before I posted the question, but I was unsure.
  46. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    Ok, this makes sense to me. I wrote out your explanation on paper and did the problem on paper. So, the answer is 2x-3x? p.s. thanks so much for responding, really appreciate the help.
  47. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    (8x^2y^2+4xy^2-12y^2) ÷ 4xy^2 I received this problem. I was told to divide the rational expression. The problem I am having is I feel like something is missing. I only understand to divide rational expressions we take the first rational expression and multiply it by ...
  48. algebra

    (5t-6c+4)+(-8t+9c) 5t-6c+4-8t+9c -3t+3c+4 answer: -3t+3c+4 I removed parentheses and combined like terms.
  49. Maths

    x = Catherine's age (now) 3x = Robert's age (now) in eight years, (x + 8) = Catherine's age (3x + 8) = Robert's age (3x + 8)/(x + 8) = 2/1 3x + 8 = 2x + 16 3x-2x+8=2x-2x+16 x+8=16 x+8-8=16-8 x = 8 Catherine is 8 years old after 8 years Robert is 24 years old ...
  50. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    (8x^2y^2+4xy^2-12y^2) ÷ 4xy^2 I received this problem. I was told to divide the rational expression. The problem I am having is I feel like something is missing. I only understand to divide rational expressions we take the first rational expression and multiply it by ...
  51. Math

    9a^2 -6ab + b^2 + c^2
  52. science

    Animals can't live without a nucleus. Prokaryotes are cells without a nucleus. DNA is typically housed in the nucleus, but in a prokaryote cell the DNA is floating around freely in the cell. Prokaryotes generally are bacteria. People and animals can't live without a ...
  53. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    m = 2rg^2 – 5rx solve for x I worked this problem, but I don't think its right and just can't figure out anything else. I took the term -5rx and thought how can I get that x removed and alone so that I can get it isolated on one side to solve for x To do this, I ...
  54. Physics

    The speed of light is about 3.00 x 10 to the power of 5 km/s. It takes approx. 1.28 seconds for light reflected from the moon to reach Earth. What is the average distance from Earth to the moon? Thank you
  55. Physics

    You know there are 1,609 metres in a mile. The number of feet in a mile is 5,280. Use these equalities to answer hoe many centimetres equals once inch. Thank you.
  56. Physics

    How far can a person run in 15minutes if he or she runs at an average of 16km/hr? Thank you
  57. Physics

    The average speed of a car was 60m/s by the time it reached the finish line. The car moved in a straight line and travelled from the starting line to the finish line in 8.0 sec. How far was the finish line? d = v x t d = 60 x 8 = 480 metres. Thank you
  58. Physics

    The space shuttle releases a space telescope into orbit around the earth. The telescope is traveling at a speed of 1700m/s in 25 seconds. What is the distance of the satellite? d = v x t d = 1700 x 25 = Is that the correct formula? Thank you.
  59. Chemistry

    Hi, Iodine has 53 electrons and configuration of: 2, 8, 18, 18, 7. Why does the fourth shell not reach maximum and therefore it picks up 7 electrons and begins a new shell. Thank you.
  60. Chemistry

    Why is Potassium and Bromide KBr? Why does Br not follow 2n2? Br = 35 electrons, 2,8,18,7 why does the shell not fill to 32 and is happy with one of Potassium electrons. Thank you kindly.
  61. Chem 12

    0.300 mol of S2 and 0.310 mol of C are placed in a 1.00 L flask and allowed to reach equilibrium according to this reaction: S2(g) + C(s) ⇔ CS2(g) At equilibrium, 0.271 mol of CS2 is present. The value of Keq for the reaction is ---- a)9.3 b)0.91 c)240 d)2.9 Not too ...
  62. math

    Vanilla Box Company is going to make open-topped boxes out of 17 × 13-inch rectangles of cardboard by cutting squares out of the corners and folding up the sides. What is the largest volume box it can make this way? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  63. chemistry

    I believe that the answer is D
  64. chemistry

    The answer I think is C.
  65. chemistry

    I believe that the answer is C.
  66. Chemistry

    Yes, C.
  67. Arithmetic Progressions

    The second term of an arithmetic progression I four times the fits term, and the first term is ten. Find the common difference and hence find the sum of the first 12 terms.
  68. chem

    Write the equilibrium expression for the following: 2NOCl (g) ==== 2 NO + Cl2 (g)
  69. chem

    The solution of known concentration to use to evaluate Z was prepared as follows: 2.00mL of 0.00201 M KSCN and 18.0 ml 0.200 M Fe (NO3)3. Assume that all of the SCN- has been converted to Fe(SCN)2t in this solution. Fe3+ SCN- ==== Fe Fe(SCN)2+ I don't really know how to do...
  70. physics

    What is the relationship between the coefficient of friction and the time that it takes the object to reach the bottom of the ramp?
  71. chem II

    0.959 g of a hydrocarbon is dissolved in 10.00g of benzene. The freezing point of the solution is 1.16C. Find the molecular mass of the hydrocarbon. Benzene has a Kf of 5.12 and a freezing points of 5.53 degrees C. Not sure how to go about solving this problem? Thanks!
  72. chemistry

    4. A sulfuric acid solution containing 571.6 g of H2SO4 per liter of solution has a density of 1.329 g/cm3 . Calculate a. The mass percentage b. The mole fraction c. The molality d. The molarity of H2SO4 in this solution
  73. chemistry II

    What is the molarity of a solution of acetic acid if 35.00mL is titrated to the end point with 68.20ml of 0.750M KOH? What is the percentage by mass of acetic acid solution? The density of acetic acid is 1.06 g/ml
  74. chemistry

    In an acid-base titration, 33.12ml of 0.1177 M H2C2O4 was titrated with 0.2146 M NaOH to the end point. What volume of the NaOH solution was used?
  75. science

    Calculate the molarity of a solution which contains 6.456g of Na2CO3 dissolved in 250.0 ml of solution.
  76. statistics help please

    The employment percentages for men versus women in a computer company last year were 80% and 40%, respectively. At the beginning of this year, they had 150 men and 60 women currently hired. The owner of the company wishes to check their hiring practices and ensure that the ...
  77. Algebra 1 please help

    There are 15 violinists in the orchestra this year. Next year, two violinists will leave and some new violinists will join the orchestra. If v is the number of violinists who will join the orchestra, write an expression to represent the number of violinists in the orchestra ...
  78. Algebra

    Mrs. Delgado has some young orange trees. He wants to plant them in 46 rows. If t is the total number of orange trees, write an algebraic expression to represent how many trees he can plant in each row. Please help write the expression. Thanks.
  79. Science please help thx

    Convection cells are created by very hot material deep in the mantle rising, then cooling, sinking again and repeating the cycle. This process occurs because of the uneven distribution of ? Within the earth? Please fill in the question mark with a answer. a. Crystal plates B. ...
  80. Science please help

    Some of the water flows over the dam and is converted to energy, some water evaporates into the air. What spheres does the water, or hydrosphere interact with this example? a. Geosphere and atmosphere B. Atmosphere and biosphere C. Crysophere and atmosphere D. Asthenosphere ...
  81. Science

    What is the main method of heat transfer from the core to the crust of earth? A. Conduction B. Convection C. Radiation
  82. Math 1 please help

    A clothing store has the sign shown in the shop window. Pani sees the sign and wants to buy 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. The cost of each shirt before the discount is $12 and the cost of each pair of jeans is $19 before the discount. Question 1. Pani says she should get a $3...
  83. Language arts

    Thanks britney!! 100%%
  84. Physics

    How much force is required to accelerate a 1500kg car to a speed of 17m/s in a distance of 45m? Thank you.
  85. Physics

    Thank you kindly.
  86. Physics

    A mass of 25kg is acted on by a force of 56N. If a friction force of 12N exists, find the acceleration of the mass. I have worked the following: a=F/M = 44/25 = 1.76 m/s2 Am I correct? Thank you.
  87. Physics

    Thank you. Can you explain d=1/2 a t^2. What does the ^ mean?
  88. Physics

    A force of 270N acts on a mass of 13.5kg for 13sec. Calculate a) the acceleration b) the final velocity c) the distance covered. a)F=m*a, so 270=13.5*a/13, answer 260m/s b)Not sure which formula. c)Formula d=v*t, once velocity is worked out in question b). I am not sure with a...
  89. Physics

    A 6kg mass is acted on by a force for 60sec and acquires a speed of 10m/s. What is the value of the force? I have calculated this as below: F = ma Therefore F = 6*10/60 F=1N Am I on the correct path? Thank you kindly
  90. Physics

    What force is required to give a 1kg body a velocity of 5m/s after acting for 5sec? I know I can use F=mxa What do I do with the 5sec? Thanks
  91. Algebra 2

    Can someone please help me do the follow problem... ...The cost (in dollars) of producing x sneakers in a factory is given by c(x)=60x+750. The number of sneakers produced in (t) hours is given by x(t)=50t. Fund c(x(t)). Evaluate c(x(5)) and explain what this number represents.
  92. Algebra ASAP thx

    Tim is reading a book. On Monday he reads 3 pages. On each day after that, he reads 3 times the number of pages that he read on the previous day. How many pages does he read on Thursday?
  93. Algebra please help answer

    A certain colony of bacteria triples in length every 10 minutes. It's length is now 1 millimeter. How long will it be in 40 minutes? Please help answer thx
  94. Algebra

  95. Algebra

    How many 0.6 liter glasses can you fill up with a 4.5 liter pitcher?
  96. Algebra

    Barbara can walk 3200 meters in 24 minutes. How far can she walk in 3 minutes?
  97. Calculus

    a particle moves along the x-axis at a velocity of v(t)=1 sqrt(t), t>0. at time t=1 , its position is x=4. find the acceleration and position functions for the particle
  98. Science

    Polysaccharides break apart by the process of hydrolysis and need _________ for this process. Can you please help me fill in the blank.
  99. Algebra please help

    1 hour= 3,600 seconds and 1 mile=5,280 feet. Make a conjecture about how you would convert a speed of 15 miles per hour to feet per second. Then convert. Please help answer thx
  100. Algebra

    Would you divide 5280 by 3600
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