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How do scientists map the bottom of the ocean when they cannot travel there to see it?

I don't know this is just a question on my son's science homework paper?

What is the formula for finding the depth of the ocean?

newspaper (history)
is this a good name for a newspaper "A Page in Time Gazette" Does anyone have any variations of it?

thank you Ms. Sue that helped me figure out the answer! I really appreciate it. Thanks!! I should of thought of that in the first place.

what number can 5 7 8 all go into?

How a bill becomes a law?

Aluminum cookware is reffered ti as "anodized aluminum". The anodizing process puts a layer of aluminum oxide on the aluminum, protecting it from corrosion. Consider the reaction of 10.00 grams of aluminum with 10.00 grams of oxygen to form aluminum oxide. What is ...

thanks what about potential?

if there is a circuit that has a battery and a lightbulb: will an electron have more electric potential energy on the positive side of the battery or negative side of the battery? - i think its same because conservation of energy. energy gained by electron on positive side is ...

social studies
Portland, Oregon sorry

social studies
what natural resources made portland a good location for a city?

Which of the following is a risk factor for developing cancer? Drinking too much alcohol Smoking Promiscuity Earlier sexually active behavior all of the above I think that it's smoking or all of the above. I'm not sure on if sex can cause cancer

college health
All of the following are true of sexually transmitted diseases EXCEPT: -The incidence of STDs has largely increased over the past 30 yrs - THose with a viral cause have no cure - About 20% of the adult population in the US is infected with genital herpes - Those with a ...

college psychology
Which of the following is likely considered a catastrophic event? -Being the victim of a rape - Fighting in a war - Witnessing a fatal accident - Experiencing a life-threatening nautral disaster - All of the above I believe the ansert is all of the above


what does repeated multipcation and what is a number when multipied by itself gives the number plz help i need answers for monday

3rd grade Math
I honestly wish I knew. If I can't figure this out within the next 15 mins, I will send a note to his teacher. I'm sure I won't be the only person not understanding this question. Thank you for your help.

3rd grade Math
NO, this is the 13th question. The previous questions were related to writing numbers from least to greatest (all different set of numbers), so if it was referring to them, it did NOT specify which ones. Wish I could scan the page in lol.

3rd grade Math
This is the exact question that is in my son's math book. Please help, I'm completely confused on the question. REASONING Write in order from least to greatest the six numbers whose digits are 2,8, and 9.

what are the disadvantages of globes?

help me create a power point slide

cultural diversity

In your own words how can you explain artificial intelligence?

climate graphs
climate graph of japan

climate graphs
what is japans climate graph?

the answer to #2 is B. The Civil War

why is it so important to learn about other people beliefs and attitudes? How will you utilize this imformation in the future?

what effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future of organized religion?

John Jay
Where can I find the correct meaning of the following terms: Stereotype, Gender group, Pluraism, Sociology, Minority group, Assimilation, Conflict perspective, Segregation, Ethnic group, Racism, Class Subordinate group, Social construction of race, Racial group, and Religious ...

should there be more or less exploration and mining on public lands in the united states?

what are the types of renewable energy alternative? what are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources?

DNA codes for mRNA, which is then translated into polypeptides,which are strands of amino acids. The DNA sequence below codes for the following amino acids: methionine-valine-glycine-alanine-alanine-serine TAC CAA CCA CGC CGC UCA What effect would the addition of the ...

prokaryotes and eukaryotes differ in many regards. Discuss these differences with respect to: genetic organization, regulatory control and post-transcriptional control

critical thinking
what is nonprejudical

Please help with Physics
I don't understand these questions. Give two examples of common force fields? How is the magnitude of an electric field defined? -I got that it is its strength

Please help with my word problems? Solve the problem. The rabbit population in a forest area grows at the rate of 6% monthly. If there are 260 rabbits in April, find how many rabbits (rounded to the nearest whole number) should be expected by next April. Use y=260(2.7)^0.06t...

Word Problems-Math
Please help with my word problems? Solve the problem. The rabbit population in a forest area grows at the rate of 6% monthly. If there are 260 rabbits in April, find how many rabbits (rounded to the nearest whole number) should be expected by next April. Use y=260(2.7)^0.06t...

If you have a treble cleff on 2 staffs in a row, Can there be a 3rd staff with a bass clef???

someone please help me i type really fast and my dang mom is screaming at me telling me to get off in 15 mins

question y do u think it would be best in decimals?

if lauren and max were to measure their fish with decimals, would it be easy to tell which fish is longer?explain why or why not.


suppose a new student starts school today and your teacher asks you to teach her how to find decimal equivalents for fractions. what would tou tell her? how would you convince her that your method works?


hey ty sooooo much on that math prob but could u help kimberly fit..... please she needs soo much help i justy don't know how to answer her q?

ya ty

it is correct...i may not be an expert at math, but i sure am at english im getting a 100 in AP english!!! = )

wow i didm't get a word wut he said except the word the

y r u guys sooo smart! i wish i was!

belinda used her calculator to find the decimal for the fraction 21/28. When she entered 21/28, the calculator gave her an answer that looked familiar. Why do you think she recognized it?


No, I'm a 10th grader in High School now, but after leaving a 7-8th grade Middle school to go to a 7-9th grade middle school, the differences became painfully clear. Anyhoot, thanks for your attempt!

I'm trying to do research on whether 9th graders should/should not be in Middle school with 7-8th graders. Does anyone know of any studies that would support either side? Or any leads I could perhaps follow to write the paper easier?

algebra II
the boy has 3 bros and 3 sisters the girl has 4 bros and 2 sisters theres 4 boys and 3 girls

science. . . =[[
4 is chemicals :)


If $7,800 is depostied into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually ( at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years? How would I set this up? Use the formula at this site: (Broken Link Removed) I did not understand that!

prove the identity: (cosx)(tanx + sinx cotx)=sinx+cos(squared)x i need steps to show how i got the answer generally, it is a good idea to change all trig ratios to sines and cosines, and start with the more complicated-looking side. so.... LS = cosx(sinx/cosx + sinx(cosx/sinx...

Is ragweed pollen t-dependent or t- independent and why?

Math - Probability
I want to know that if 1 person in 50 has one blue eye and one green and you have 700 people living in an area in groups of four. What is the probability that three of those people would end up together? Would it be greater or less of one of those people only had a relation ...

in alphabetical order which comes first brothers brother's? I don't know, but I added new folders with those titles to my hard drive, which arranges the folders alphabetically. It put "brother's" first. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

English_ Language of the media
We had to answer some questions about advertising and choose an ad off TV and out on a magazine to do it on. I did a shampoo ad on TV and a purfume ad in a magazine but i don't get the questions 8 and 9: 8- What are some of the explict values and attitudes assumed to be ...

Ive gotta build a model of a hydroelectric dam, preferably moving and so you can see inside it. Id love it if anyone could give me some ideas on how to do it Here is an excellent resource,with some figures that should be helpful:

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