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Spanish 2 Questions
Only 2 and 4 were wrong. 2= nos (maquillarnos) 4= se (subject here is mis hermanos even though you could also be the subject if they are waking you up--sentence was not specific)

These are all an attempt to explain the connection between cignition, language and society or how acquisition occurs in SLA. Rather than a description, it is an explanation. Second language learning depends on many things: it is gradual and nonlinear. It depends upon the ...

English 101
What is it that you wish to convince your audience? We do not know your topic, but you'll want to consider both sides, only state your side clearly. Sra

Are you reading it or are you to write it? You need to be very clear on how we may help y ou. Sra

Of course it can, but the problem is in "harnessing" that power. In 2008, the first experimental wave farm was opened in Portugal, at the Aguçadoura Wave Park. Sra

Were you to only give the verb? There are some other tricky things in the sentences. ¡perfecto! Sra

The second one. Ciento is only shortened to "cien" before a larger number or a noun, such as "cien hombres" = 100 men. Sra

1. None of them. Vicente se presentó a Rosa. 2. Yes, C. Sra

He wanted to avoid violence and poverty. Sra

Hypoventilation VS Bradyapnea
In hypoventilation the breathing is too shallow and there is not enough oxygen. In bradyapnea there is an abnormal slowness of breathing. Sra

"La Noche Triste" was in 1520. Sra

Because the moon impedes the usual gravitational pull of the sun exerted on the earth, it causes a trembling between the adjacent parts. Sra

From Aztec Gods and Godesses: QUETZALCOATL Creator God - Quetzal Bird, Feathered Serpent (DNA) Often portrayed with a black beard to represent age or as an old man. Covering his mouth there is often a red mask in the form of a bird's beak. His mask identifies him as the ...

The last one is correct. pasaba = what was happening and not what happened/did happen = pasó In the 2nd one "el" requires an accent mark = él and a visto needs an "h" on the auxiliary = ha visto = has seen que means that and qué is the ...

When iodine iw dissolved in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide — it reacts with starch producing a purple black color. Sra

Correct. Sra

Spanish (please correct me if I'm still wrong)
2. Sabía lo que pasaba... 3. El estudiante Sra

Nutrition (Blood Tests)
Weak bones, bad teeth, poor wound healaing, organ failure - heart, liver, respiratory system Sra

the possessive: the characters actions.the onlookers' characters This is NOT an example of "the worst writer!" Sra

For the first part of your post, try some of the following links: h t t p://s e a r c h.y a h oo .c o m/s e a r c h ? f r = mc a f e e &p = W i l l + i o d i n e + r e a c t + w i t h + s u c r o s e + o r + g l u c o s e % 3 F Sra

It's always a good idea to number them so we are both on the same item. 1. No se hablaron pero ellos se miraron profundamente. 2. ¡perfecto! 3. ¡perfecto también! el imperfecto = se hablaban y se miraban = they WERE talkING and they WERE lookING at each ...

Thank you for trying them. You have given the Imperfect but the directions say the Preterit. Look at the model with conocerse. Did you see "se conocían" = they were meeting each other? (that is the Imperfect) No, you saw "se conocieron" = they DID ...

Search for "enzyme reactions" Sra

Please see your later post where I explained what you need to do. Sra

thanks :)

Women in the last fifty years: A. have had fewer legal rights than men. B. have entered the workforce in large numbers and have about the same earning power as men. C. have increased their presence in college and now make up about 40% of college students. D. have entered the ...

Math, grade 3 needs help
Write an expression equal to ? 2000 using only once each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Corinne, Si tu peux écrire encore une fois ce que tu as écrit, sans accents, peut-être je puis le lire! Sra (aka Mme)

Biology (muscle response)

6th grade
5 and 2