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Well, that would depend on you! Writing = as a whole but writings = all the pieces of poems, etc. that they do. Sra

Yes, she was run over. But the important thing for you is to know WHO was driving that car! Sra

P.S. I nearly forgot the prepositional phrase = definite article + de + phrase (Examples): (libro) el de María es peor. (casa) la de mi barrio es peor (los libros) los de esta clase son peores (las casas) las de su pueblo son peores Sra Summary: 1) definite article + ...

¡Hola,Lucy! What this actually is is "Nominalization with the definite article." You name something (a noun) with the typical gender that goes with that noun and then delete the noun, using an adjective. Some examples: el libro = es el peor de la biblioteca la ...

World Culture and the arts
Please see the post before this one.

Prayer Request
Depending upon how many hours the test will last, definitely a good night's sleep, a hardy breakfast, a few calesthentics before you enter the class room, to get the blood flowing and if you bring a bottle of water with you, breathe deeply for that helps you to relax. The ...