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LA Help?
D "Uncle has a tender side but doesn't reveal it to many people"

A truck is traveling at 70mph and has wheels with a diameter of 26in. Find the angular velocity in radians per minute. Also find in revolutions per minute. I've attempted this question and am completely stumped. I can't figure out how to make it work with the formula I...

LA - help, thnx
C "Then we must both be as true as dragons can be an must not try to put out the sun."

When I put 1)B, 2)D, 3)A, 4)C, I got a 4/4

Only in elementary do quick checks not affect your grade. In middle school and higher, they do.

what concentration of Br- results when 831 mL of 0.747 M HBr is mixed with 611 mL of 0.561 M FeBr2

1.If two different lines are perpendicular to the same plane, they are: a. Collinear b. Coplanar c. Congruent d. Consecutive I think the answer is B, is that correct? Also, this: 2. Express 3 radical 75 plus radical 27 all over3 in radical form. I simplified it to 18 radical 3...

There are four different types of cards like that in a deck: Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond. There is an equal number of each of these.

if you had the number 176, then six ould be in the ones place, seven in the tens place, and one would be in the hundreds place. First you should determine what place the one is in.

So there's a sequence: 0, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 15/16,... and I have to find the pattern and the next two numbers. I don't understand how I should go about doing this. I don't believe it uses multiplication or division as it starts with 0. Help?

Social Studies
the grange

Do you understand what the different "places" are? And is it tens or tenths? There's a difference. Tens is like 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on, and tenths is like 3.1, 3.2, and 3.4, where .1 and .2 and .4 are in the tenths place.

Algebra 1 (maths)
Someone please help me!

Algebra 1 (maths)
I'm slightly confused about this question: Suppose that you memorize a list of 100 German vocabulary words. Each week you forget 1/8 of the words you knew the previous week. The number of vocabulary words (V) that you remember after t weeks can be modeled by: V=100(7/80)^t...

Algebra (maths)
Please help?

Algebra (maths)
Please help: The length of a rectangle is 5m greater than twice its width, and its area is 33m^2 (the m is squared). Find the dimensions.

Algebra 1
Thanks, now I remember the teacher quickly rushing through that in class. ;)

Algebra 1
When adding radicals, do you add two radicands together even if they're different? How would you answer this equation in radical simplest form? 3 rad 12 + 3 rad 12 + 5 rad 8 +5 rad 8 I got 6 rad 12 + 25 rad 8 Is this right? Sorry if my questions are confusing, this is hard...

I think transporting electricity. Not sure.

well, which one do you say when someone owns something? is it they dog? them dog? her dog? its dog? Hopefully this helps!

7/8 math
I think I get it now!

7/8 math
What is a trinomial(as opposed to binomials and mononomials)?

Giving a speach, huh? But it is important to speak proper English, because if we were all speaking in different slang or dialects, we wouldn't understand each other well, would we?

social studies
This "question" makes absolutely no sense...

social studies
The study of social life! or, more accurately, the study of people, where they live, what they do, how they interact, their history, economies,attitudes, actions, etc.

Well, I guess you should know how to do basic math (as in preschool through sixth grade math) without a calculator, but they're useful to have when multiplying by pi, finding square routes, messing with decimals, etc. Personally, when I go to college, I'm going to tote...

I love London.

social studies
B, I would think. Im not sure, sorry.

Also remember that Andrew Jackson forced many tribes to go west. Why? They wanted native land for settlers to farm.

word problems
first use a random number for the sister's age. one, for example. so larry is 8 years older than that. 1+8=9, so larry is 9. in 3 years he will be 12, and his sister will be 4. 12 isnt twice as old as 4, so the sister is not 1. Try for yourself with different ages, like 2...

you could say someone felt similar to the way they did before.

I agree with sra. hija=daughter, tener has to be conjugated to tiene(it means have or has), and hambre is hungry.

well, D doesn't mention "I" so it isnt a personal opinion.

social studies
someone who served in the military, most often.

3rd grade

social studies
yeah. i do

social studies
women were now seen as workers

social studies
its not a spoon or knife

You are right