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  1. Chemistry

    You extract the iron from a tablet and dilute that to 250.0 ml in a volumetric flask. You transfer 0.400 ml of this solution to a 25.0 ml volumetric flask and dilute this to volume. When you measure the concentration of this solution, you find that it is 3.27 ppm Fe. How many ...
  2. Math correct or not

    9y + 13 < 14 answer: y < -3?
  3. Math

    8( b + 3) = 4b - 4
  4. physics

    Camping equipment weighing 6000 N is pulled across a frozen lake by means of a horizontal rope. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.05. The work done by the campers in pulling the equipment 1000 m at constant velocity is: We never utilized friction this chapter so I don&#...
  5. @DrBob222 - I understand up to the part about the conversion of mol to 2.65 mg. I understand that the enthalpy change is 121.3 kJ/mol for Cl(g) and that would be the reactant part of the equation. But whats the deal with working with 2.65mg and the delta Go?
  6. chemistry

    How much energy is evolved when 2.65 mg of Cl(g) atoms adds electrons to give Cl1-(g) ions. No clue how to go about solving this problem as it doesn't really relate to any of my examples in my text book or notes. All I can find that related to this problem is electron ...