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In a survey of adults throughout the caribbean 75% strongly support Caribbean integration. You randomly select 24 adults, throughout the Caribbean, and ask each if they strongly support Caribbean integration. What is the probability that at most 15 adults say they strongly ...

Production and Operations management
A ball bearing assembly firm wants to set up an assembly line which must have an output of 60 units per hour. The work elements are A to J and the task times are 40, 30, 50, 40, 6, 25, 15, 20, 18 and 30 seconds respectively. a. Determine the cycle time associated with the rate...

Production and operations management
What are the advantages and disadvantages of reverse engineering

An object has a length of 5.0 cm, a height of 3.0 cm and a width of 15.0 cm. It has a mass of 24 grams. What is its density?

Managerial Economics
I have an exam in two days. I need an explanation to this question please. MC = 10+5Q derive an equation for total cost

The cost function for a firm is given by TC = 500 + Q2. The firm sells output in a perfectly competitive market and other firms in the industry sell at a price of $100. a) What price should the manger of this firm put on its product? b) What level of output should be produced ...

In a perfect competitive market, industry demand is P = 850 – 2Q, and industry supply is P = 250 + 4Q (supply is the sum of the marginal cost curves of the firms in the industry). Assume that all the firms collude to form a single monopoly firm. There is no change in the ...

Entry of new airlines to the CARICOM region is severely restricted and as a consequence regional airlines charges higher airfares than US airfares for routes of comparable distances. An airline expert estimates the annual air travel demand between Trinidad and Antigua to be: Q...

managerial economics
Equating MR=MC and solving for Q is this the answer? part b to the question says to calculate the total revenue at the profit maximizing level. I'm not sure how to do this

A manufacturing firm produces output using a single plant. The relevant cost function is TC=45,000+8Q squared and the demand function is Q=100-0.02P a)What is the minimum level of AC b)What is the firms profit when AC is at a minimum? c)What is the firms maximum profit

Call Us demand function is Q=410-P and MC=10+5Q. Given that TFC=$0 a)derive an equation for TC b)calculate the profit maximizing level

The manager of caribbean glass company estimates that total revenue from the sale of her firm's product is given by the equation TR=300Q-Qsquared/2. The total cost equation is TC=5,000 + 60Q + Qsquared What are the profit maximizing price and output rate? What is the ...

Can you elaborate some more on these answers. What do i do with the other information in the question. What do i do about the demand function. I'm unclear how you arrived at this;First, I like to rewrite the demand function as P=f(Q). So, P= 4 - Q/200. Total Revenue is P*Q...

CCM television station is considering selling promotional videos produced by Firm A or Firm B. Firm A will charge the station a set up fee of $1,200 plus $2 for each cassette, while firm B has no set up fee and will charge $4.00 for each cassette. The demand for cassettes is Q...

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