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What is the significance of baseball in Cuba? I need to know if anyone here who is willing to answer my question goes to Texas Connections at Houston because I do. @Ms.Sue

no it is Lorena Ochoa do no listen to Ms. Sue she is very wrong and not very helpful to me because I have been on this website before for answer help for quick checks, quizzes, and tests and when I do put her answer for a question I get it wrong most of the tie because Ms. Sue...


Same here rose same here lol

What is the percentage yield of the reaction of 4.9 g isoamyl alcohol with 4.9 g of acetic acid if 3.5 g of isoamyl acetate product is obtained after distillation? Enter your answer, without a % symbol, to 2 sig. figs.

Physics - high School
2 Long vertical walls are separated by length l. A ramp is placed between the walls as shown below. A block is placed on the ramp and one end and slides without friction towards the other end. Find the ramp angle (theta) which results in the fastest trip from one end of the ...

48% is almost 50%. 31 is almost 30. 50% of 30 is 15. the best estimate for 48% of 31 is 15.

What is the best estimate for 48% of 31?

Suppose a model of the space shuttle "Endeavour" is 10 inches tall. The actual height of the "Endeavour" is 100 feet. What is the scale of the model?