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  1. look it up!! And just for the future, yes i would like fries with that!!!!
  2. hi, ok so i was stuck in th same situation a few days ago. So like. . . if u cant come up witha thesis, then try thinking of your favorite parts (of the book?) and then just write (not in essay form) then like put it in essay form. . . sounds complicated. . idk it hlps me!!
  3. ohhh ok!! Thanks SAra,kas and PsyDAG!! U gys rock!!!! 1 day ill help u!!! Just wait and see!!!
  4. 7th grade

    Hi!!! Im Sophie and like most people I am having trouble writing a Comparitive Essay for my Honors Project, so i need your help. I am compaaring the two books, Red Scarf Girl and Falling Leaves. But i am having SO much trouble finding a topic sentence!!! And how do you even ...
  5. weeelll yes and no. In the dictinary there are two, they're different and the same: 1.To trim or dress the hair or beard of. 2.Aperson whoose occupation is to trim or dress the hair or beard of customeres. (to trim or shave)
  6. ummm the night but is it "la noche" not "el noche"?? Welll how should i know. . . hey wait!! Im in honors in Spanish!! of course i know!! And Tyrone it doesnt mean "night" it means THE nights!! GET IT STRAIGHT BOYYYY