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  1. Math

    amy is right on all of them exept for number 8 i just took the test and 8 is wrong. the answer for number 8 is B you guys
  2. error analyze

    Can you check grammar error in this text? What can you do to reduce global warming in Thailand? Nowadays, The problem global warming is main problem for everybody in the world. It is effect on change of weather that the world have temperature highest. In Thailand, the problem ...
  3. Math

    12/3 it 21/3
  4. Math

    Alan scored a total of 14 points for answering all the 15 questions on a math quiz. For every correctly answered question, Alan got 2 points. For every wrong answer, he lost 2 points. How many questions did he answer correctly?
  5. Math

    So, then what is the answer?????
  6. Math

    An unfair coin with Pr[H] = 2/3 is flipped. If the flip results in a head, then a marble is selected from an urn containing 9 red, 1 white, and 1 blue marbles. If the flip results in a tail then a marble is selected from an urn containing 10 red and 3 white marbles. If the ...
  7. science

    How much work is done by the upward force of your head on a 50 N rock that you carry horizontally across a 10 m room?
  8. physics

    how much work is done by the upward force of your head on a 50 N rock that you carry horizontally across a 10 m room?
  9. Math

    Leena bakes a loaf of bread. She eats 1/8 of the loaf and gives 1/6 of it to each of her 3 friends. What fraction of the loaf of bread is left?
  10. Spanish

    Thank you so much for your help! I have one last question: Form the command using the correct pronoun/s to a friend: Don't make a salad for me!
  11. Spanish

    Can someone check my answers to this? I'm really confused on these practice problems. Thanks! Directions: Using informal, formal, plural and nosotros commands (use Dop's/Iop's if needed) to correctly answer the questions. The names in parathenisis are what form the...
  12. language arts

    how to diagram this sentence...The basketball team with the winning record will advance forwards.
  13. Math

    How can you use decimal squares to represent the product 0 * 0.7?
  14. language arts

    how to diagram preepositional phrases
  15. Child Development

    Ms. Sue is FAKE!! She answers every question in less than 20 minutes!!
  16. chemistry

    What mass of the metal must be heated to 95 degrees celsius in order to be used to warm 2.548 L of water from 18.1 to 22.5 celsius
  17. World Regional Studies/ Geography

    In January 2000, cyanide is released to the Tisza River in Hungary. Effect 1: Effect 2: Water Pollution Countries develop industries. Effect 1: Effect 2: Poland’s water in most rivers is unsafe to drink Rain washes fertilizers from fields into bodies of water The ...
  18. Math

    List out the elements of the set "The letters of the word Mississippi"
  19. math

    a set of five positive integers has a mean median and range of 7 how many distant sets whose members are listed from least to greatest could have these properties
  20. Psychology

    Describe the chi-square goodness-of-fit test.
  21. Psychology

    Can you give a real world example of when you would use a chi-square test of independence and a chi-square goodness of fit?
  22. Math 6

    ohhhhhhh 66 choices!!! Thanks!
  23. Math 6

    n ice cream stand sells chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream as well as a choice of 22 toppings. How many choices are there for a single flavor of ice cream with one topping? How do I do this? is it 46 choices? Am I right?
  24. physics

    Initial velocity not given. Assuiming that we need to solve for it. Yes, the ball is thrown 60 degrees above the horizontal. Thank you.
  25. physics

    If I am standing on top of a building that is 350 ft. high and I throw a baseball off the roof at angle of 60 degrees, determine how long the ball is in the air as well as how far it lands from the building.
  26. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy? 1. Nuclear power produces no greenhouse gasses and thus poses no environmental threats. 2. Nuclear plants rely on a massive industrial infrastructure using fossil fuels. 3. Due to strict safety regulations, nuclear power does ...
  27. ela

    in the poem lineage what does they mean
  28. math

    Thank you @Jax U fricking love u
  29. math

    16 I'm in college so I should know this 😋😃☺
  30. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    ONLY Elizabeth is RIGHT. ONLY HER.
  31. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    Thank you Elizabeth and Tris
  32. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    Mary Chavez is wrong
  33. science

  34. science

    You might have different traits
  35. science

  36. math

    Super Bowl Day!!
  37. math

  38. cal

    sec^2(4x+y) * (4+y') = 4 4+y' = 4cos^2(4x+4) y' = 4cos^2(4x+y)-4 = -4sin^2(4x+y) Then sin^2(4x+y)=(4x/sqrt(16x^2+1))^2 =16x^2/(16x^2+1) So y' = -4(16x^2/(16x^2+1)) =-64x^2/(16x^2+1))
  39. math

    Len is baking a square cake for his friend wedding. When served to the guests, the cake will be cut into square pieces 1 inch on the side. The cake should be large enough so that 121 guests get one piece. How long should each side of the cake be?
  40. math

    A portrait of George Washington is square and has an area of 169 square centimeters. How long is each side of the portrait?
  41. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of 21.5 km/h in 6.9 s. Find the distance it travels during this time. Answer in units of m
  42. statistics

  43. math

    On May 23, Samantha Best borrowed $4,000 from the Tri City Credit Union at 13% for 160 days. The credit union uses the exact interest method. What was the amount of interest on the loan?
  44. 4 grade math

  45. language

  46. Algebra

    The profit for a company that sells chairs is defined by P= -5x^2+200x+200. Where P is profit and x is the number of chairs produced. Find the number of chairs "x" that will produce the maximum profit "P".
  47. Algebra

    An object is fired vertically upward with an initial speed of 68.6 meters/second. After t seconds, the height is shown by y= -4.9t^2+68.6t meters. Given that this object has an initial speed of 68.6 m/s, what is the maximum height it will reach? How long did it take the rocket...
  48. math

  49. physics

    Answer is number 3
  50. physics

    . A block weighing 50 lbs is pulled horizontally w/ constant speed, if the coefficient friction between the surfaces in contact is 0.25, how much heat is generated by friction if the body moves a distance of 40 ft
  51. math

    how many grams go in 2,340 kilograms
  52. Math

    After 14 boys leave the concert, the ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 10. If there are p girls at the concert, write an algebraic expression for the number of boys at the beginning of the concert in terms of p
  53. Math

  54. math

    How do I estimate with adding
  55. Chemistry

    100 years

    A 13 kg box is at rest on a level floor. The coefficient of static friction µS = 0.9 and the coefficient of kinetic friction µK = 0.8. Audrey is applying a 140 N push at an angle (=20°) as shown in Figure 1. C) What is the magnitude of FNormal on box from Earth?
  57. Physics! Case II

    (45N(cos25°))/25N= 1.63m/s^2
  58. Physics! Case II

    A woman at an airport is pulling her 25.0 kg by a strap at an angle of 25 ° above the horizontal as shown in figure Fig. P5.44. She pulls on the strap with a 45.0 N force, and friction is negligible. What is the acceleration of the suitcase? ___m/s^2
  59. Chemistry

    What happens when NaCl(aq) and AgNO2(aq) are mixed? Also, will the mass increase, decrease, or stay the same after the mixing? Why? Thanks!
  60. College International Affairs

    How did the US affect the dissolution of the Soviet Union? What was the US/ Soviet Union relationship at the time period?
  61. social studies

    keepin mind that other characteristics are more important than the name.
  62. math

    1st Step: 14x20=280 2nd Step: 280/8=35
  63. Math

    a box of chalk and 2 staplers cost $10. Three boxes of chalk and 2 staplers cost $18. Find the total cost of 1 box of chalk and 1 stapler.
  64. Precalc

    rewrite sinxtanx/(cosx+1) as an expression that doesn't involve a fraction.
  65. Precalc

    Rewrite cot(^2)xcosx/(cscx-1) as an expression that doesn't involve a fraction.
  66. Information Technology

    Develop an algorithm, flow chart and pseudocode that accept as input three unit test scores and a project score for seven students. The algorithm, flow chart and pseudocode should accept seven examination scores. The students's overall score comprised of their weighted mid...
  67. Math

  68. Precalculus

  69. 7th grade social studies Ms.Sue please

    This is all correct except for number which is Spanish army
  70. math

    Just took the quiz they are D B C
  71. math

  72. Physics

    How exactly are you supposed to use the second equation to solve for Vb' if you don't know Va'^2?
  73. Chemistry

    @DrBob222 , can you explain how exactly you evaluated to get that number because im confused howd you got there
  74. Math

    The 4ft by 6ft has a solid red rectangular area that covers 1/3 of the flag. What could be the dimensions of this red area?
  75. Science

    During beta-particle emission, a neutron splits into a proton and an electron two protons two electrons two neutrons
  76. Physics

    A.) F=ma F= (50kg)(.92m/s^2) F= 46N a= 46N/60kg a= 0.77m/s^2 toward Jane
  77. math

    No because 4/14 Is not half of her paper If the answer was 7/14 then yes
  78. Spanish-8th grade

    I had to use the past tense of either poder or saber to write each sentence 1. tú y yo/mirar la televisión Tú y yo pudimos mirar la televisión. 2. nosotros/viajar Nosostros pudimos viajar. 3. los muchachos/jugar al fútbol Los muchachos ...
  79. medical coding

    person has upper respiratory infection w bilateral acute conjunctivitis .. whAT WOULD the code be?
  80. matlab

    amount= 1000; k=0; while amount < 50000 k=k+1; amount =amount*1.045 +1000; end amount k amount = 5.0711e+004 k = 26 this is the correct answer
  81. matlab

    amount= 1000; k=0; while amount < 50000 k=k+1; amount =amount*1.045 +1000; end amount k amount = 5.0711e+004 k = 26 this is the correct answer
  82. Math

    Gracias, Mi amigos
  83. Math

    Find the value of x or y so that the line passing through the two points has the given slope. (-1,4) (X,3); M=2/3
  84. physics

    What are the maximum values of the following when an incandescent 55-W light bulb (at 110 V) is connected to a wall plug labeled 110 V?
  85. comm215

    please help me correct my essay. the topic of the essay is:"Why overcrowding of school are causing teacher's to lose their jobs overcrowding? and how teacher layoffs are the result of overcrowding." below is a copy of the essay i wrote... One main concern both ...
  86. comm215

    it does not necessarily have to be facts, the answer can be based on my own opinion. I just need something to get me going.
  87. comm215

    I have to write a 300-400 words essay on the following questions: Why overcrowding of school are causing teacher's to lose their jobs? -how is teacher layoffs the result of overcrowding? Please help.
  88. comm215

    -Why overcrowding of school are causing teacher's to lose their jobs? -how is teacher layoffs the result of overcrowding?
  89. MATH

  90. science

    what is the height of a rock wall that is casting a 10ft shadow if a 6 ft bird watcher is casting a 14 ft shawdow
  91. Pre-Algebra

    What is a-3/5=1/5 ?
  92. English

    He took the test yesterday is it adverb or adjectives
  93. Algebra

    Laura can use the equation of: * 1 yard = 3 feet * 12 inches = 1 foot Figure out how many inches in a yard (36 inches = 1 yard) and then you do 36 x 20 and get your answer. Your answer will be 720 inches in 20 yards.
  94. Organic Chemistry

    If fructose, glucose, and sucrose are the only carbohydrates in honey, how could you use Benedict's reagent to determine the number of moles of sucrose in a 1.0g sample of honey?
  95. Physics

    Which would burn the most 100 g of water at 100 degrees C or 100 g of steam at 100 degrees C?
  96. Physics

    About how much pressure do the feet of a 6000-kg elephant exert on the ground? Assume each foot has area of 0.10 square meters.
  97. Physics

    What is the mass of the air in a room that has dimensions of 10m x 30m x 4m?
  98. Physics

    How many calories are released when 3 grams of 100º C steam turns to 0º C ice
  99. science

    6. identify the action-reaction pairs of forces for the following situations: (a) you step off a curb. (b) you pat your tutor on the back (c) a wave hits a rocky shore.
  100. algebra

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