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Assume that the element 107Uns is synthesized and that the sample contains 39.8% 270Uns (269.4 amu), 35.2% 271Uns (270.3 amu) and 25.0% 272Uns (271.2 amu). What is the value of the atomic weight? A. 270. B. 269.3 C. 270.4 D. 271 -------------------------------------- So this ...

Chemistry Concept
I want to say that the volume stays the same because density = mass/volume and since the volume won't really change? It would only be the mass that is changing while it rust? I am confused if that makes any sense. But that is what my logic is for this. So if someone can ...

Chemistry Concept
The iron in steel has a density of 7.86 g/cm3. When iron rusts, it forms hydrated Fe2O3 that has a density of 5.12 g/cm3. What happens to the volume as iron rusts? Like does it expand? contract? stay the same? expand then contract? <-- that is my question