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The question I have to answer is: If two peaks of gas chromatogram are too close, what changes in experimental conditions (factors affecting separation) could you make to separate them more effectively? Answer: I thought the answer would be the length of the column. If you ...

In gas chromatography, what would be the order of the retention times for your mixture (hexane and toluene)? What is the basis for your answer?

Organic Chemistry
To which class of compounds might the following molecule belong? C3H6O I am guessing, but is it ketone class? Can someone check for me.

I have to name this: [Co(H2NCH2CH2NH2)2]3+ And I think it is this: bis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) ion But can someone verify and check if I named it correctly. I am not sure if I am supposed to have the (III) or not.

Calculate pH of a solution by mixing 15.0 mL of .50 M NaOH and 30.0 mL of .50 benzoic acid solution (benzoic acid is monoprotic, its dissociation constant is 6.5 x 10^ -5). I am not sure whether I am supposed to do it by acid-base titration way or to use the formula -log (Ka...

A 19th-century chemist, Marcellin Berthelot, suggested that all chemical processes that proceed spontaneously are exothermic. True or False? I thought it was true, but then in my chemistry textbook, I could not find this person's name. Can someone verify whether it is true...

Oh sorry I forgot to write the charges. For then for the second one, it is supposedly look like this? 2Cu (2+) + [Fe(CN)6]^(4-) ==> Cu2 [Fe(CN6)] would that make this ionic equation correct?

1. net ionic equation for the reaction between silver nitrate and the arsenate ion I got: 3Ag (+) + AsO4 ---> Ag3AsO4 2. net ionic equation for the precipitation of copper hexacyanoferrate (II). I got: 2Cu (2+) + [Fe(CN)6] ---> Cu2 [Fe(CN6)] Can someone please check and ...

but are they correct in essence of net ionic equation?

1. net ionic equation for the reaction of tin (II) and solid mercury chloride to yield tin (IV), liquid mercury and chloride ion 2. net ionic equation for the reaction between solid SbOOH and H2S I am not too sure about my equations, so I was wondering if someone could check ...

Math- Calculus
Use Newton’s Method with initial approximation x1 = 2 to solve the equation x5 +x= 6 . Go to x3, and tell me how good you think the approximation is. Round all answers to 3 decimal places.

Find a positive number such that the sum of the number and its reciprocal is as small as possible.

Punnet Squares- Check my answer please.
A species of clam shows incomplete dominance in the expression of its shell color. RR is the genotype for red shell, Rr is genotype for an orange shell, and rr is the genotype for the yellow shell. Predict the outcome of a cross between an orange shelled clam and a yellowed ...

The total number of atoms represented by Ca(C2H3O2)2?

Explain how the metabolic rate of an animal can be determined by measuring the rate of oxygen consumption.

significant figures
wait oops xd i forgot rest of problem it was (42.70 + 0.259) / 28.4445 >_< sorry about that

significant figures
(42.70 + 0.259) / 28.4 I wanted to know, if it 1.510 or 1.51? because it has to be correct sig figs.

When 2.50 mol of Mg3N2 are allowed to react according to the following equation, how many moles of H2O also react? Mg3N2 + 6H2O ---> 3Mg(OH)2 + 2NH3

The volume of a gas with a pressure of 1.2 atm increases from 1.0 L to 4.0 L. What is the final pressure of the gas, assuming constant temperature?

Biology II AP
Compared the process of mitosis with the process of meiosis and include answer with study of the change in chromosome number. Where do these changes occur and how are they relevant to the processes discussed? I understand the comparing part, but then the change in chromosome i...

AP Biology
Cells transport substances across their membrane. Choose THREE of the following four types of cellular transport Osmosis Active transport Facilitated diffusion Endo/exocytosis For each of the three transport types you choose, a. Describe the transport process and explain how ...

Biology II
Discuss the biological importance of each of the following organiz compounds in relation to cellular structure and function in plants and animals A) Carbohydrates B) Proteins C) Lipids D) nucleic acid Like my problem is I don't really get what it is asking in some ways. ...

1. How does the Constitution (focus on the body of the constitution here) limit the power of the governemnt? 2. Give 5 examples of #1 and explain.

A wooden artifact is found in an ancient tomb. Its carbon-14 activity is measured to be 60.0% of that in a fresh sample of wood from the same region. Assuming the same amount of carbon-14 was initially present in the wood from which the artifact was made, determine the age of ...

A building has become accidentally contaminated with radioactivity. THe longest lived material in the building is strontium-90 (atomic mass of 90 Sr 38 is 89.9077). If the building initially contained 5.0kg of this subtstance and the safe level is less than 10.0 counts/min, ...