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  1. Physics

    how far must you swim upstream to get directly in front of a pizza stand .2 km away on the other side of a river if you can swim 4km/hr and the river moves downstream at 1.5km/hr
  2. math

    The question is this though: are the numbers 123 included as words?
  3. Reading

    30 years.
  4. Reading

    What was the approximate timespan of Acts? (Bible)
  5. Algebra

    BIll uses x for the cost of a computer game. He buys seven games. Write this as an algebraic expression
  6. Social studies

    When did the Romans take over Italy? A: By 500 BC B: By 267 BC C: 125 BC D: By 100 AD
  7. Science

    pizza is 100% correct
  8. help

    Blorp is right
  9. Math

    James and Becky have a total of 4 2 over 8 feet of yarn. Becky has 1 5 over 8 feet of yarn. How many feet of yarn does James have?
  10. Social Studies

    what important feature do Confucianism and filial piety share
  11. Language Arts

    Omg thank you so much Ember
  12. math

    thank you
  13. math

    a beaseball team wins 45% of the game what fraction of the games dose it win
  14. math

    identify the decimal and simplify fraction from of %80
  15. math

  16. math

  17. ss

    even today many Indian women have
  18. Does Connections or any other school know about

    Does connections or any other school know about this website???
  19. Science

    Can anyone help please???????
  20. Spanish

    In which country is baseball more popular than soccer? A. la Repúplica Dominicana B. Argentina C. Espana D. Perú I think the answer is B, am I correct? If not B then C.
  21. Spanish

    I need help! The question is Which word best completes the following sentence? The standard variety of Spanish is considered A. Natural B. Colorful C. Easy D.neutral I think that it’s a, is that right?
  22. Math

    Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints (-1,2) and (3,-3)
  23. history narrative

    May is correct
  24. Social Studies

    for the people looking at this an are like idk about this it might be a bunch of people just saying its right but they are all wrong but guess what they are all right just took the pretest
  25. Language Arts

    Really Baby cakes? So you're just gonna lecture them and call them names too? You really need to get a life and stop. Take your own advice and stop being a butthead and put your mind on your work too. If you're telling someone to do their work, then why are you on here...
  26. Language Arts

    The Black Hawk is 100% correct don't believe Kevin
  27. math test help

    What is the answer
  28. civics

    There is a public debate between the three candidates for the U.S. Senate. During the debate, the topics of oil and energy are addressed. Each candidate expressed their view on the issue: Edgar Eisenhower: "We need to cut our dependence on foreign oil. Instead, let's ...
  29. Language

    what are the answers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  30. LA

    She is right, its C, C, B. I got 100%
  31. Social studies

    1. A 2. D 3. C 4. B Kaylee is 100% correct!
  32. Social studies 7

    1. A 2. D 3. C 100% right
  33. Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech

    d c c is correct thanks destiny an aiden
  34. Social studies

    what effect did john hay's open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of britain france germany russia and japan? A:it provoked the imperial powers to declare war on the United States B:it caused the imperial powers to restrict trade in their trade with China C:...
  35. Spanish 1 b

    Did they work @this one here on another level
  36. english

    I thought you said it was A
  37. SS

    "Immaigrants who arrive in American cites are poor and frightened. they are helped to find jobs and housing. These newcomers should show their gratitude at voting time" Who most likely would have said this? A-political Boss--- B-Factory owner C-labor union Member D-...
  38. social studies

    cameron is correct 100% just took it and got 4/4
  39. MATH

    Is it 7.5, 15, 0.75, or 1.5
  40. MATH

    what is the diameter of a circle with a circumfrence of 47.1
  41. Chemistry

    I found out it's MoF3
  42. Chemistry

    A metal, M, of atomic weight 96 u reacts with fluorine to form a salt that can be represented as MFx. In order to determine x and therefore the formula of the salt, a boiling point elevation experiment is performed. A 10.9 g sample of the salt is dissolved in 100.0 g of water...
  43. Algebra 1

    The area of a rectangular pool is given by the trinomial 2y^2+5y-42 . What are the possible dimensions of the pool? Use factoring. a. 2y+7 and y-6*** b. 2y-2 and y+6 c. -2y-7 and -y-6 d. 2y-7 and y+6 tbh im guessing. i have no clue. can someone help explain?
  44. Math

    complete the equation. -6x^2+15x-6=-(2x-1)(x+__) a. 2 b. -2 c. -3 d. 6 I'm really lost and i dont understand how to solve this problem. any help would be appreciated.
  45. language arts: plz help

    D A C 4/4 100%
  46. math

    One wet weekend, 0.86 inches of rain fell on Saturday. The next day, 1.52 inches of rain fell. How many inches of rain fell over the weekend? i need help I've been stuck on this for 30 minutes
  47. math

    you were correct
  48. math

    thanks ms.sue
  49. math

    its like 2 hours and 5 minutes before but i don't know the time
  50. math

    Vivian is going to do some yard work, but she needs to leave her house at 2:00 to go to a football game. She is going to mow the lawn for 1 hour and 15 minutes, trim some bushes for 40 minutes, and put down some mulch for 25 minutes. She will also need 30 minutes to shower ...
  51. math

    Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6. i tried 12,24,36,48,42 its non of those
  52. Social Studies

    Thank You!
  53. Social Studies

    Do you have a link were i can read more into this major event?
  54. Social Studies

    Thank you Ms.Sue.
  55. Social Studies

    I have 4 major events for my portfolio i just need one more could you help me? I already have World War II, Communist Revolution, Climate change, and Cold War. I need one more major event that happened in China.
  56. social studies

    w Anyone know the answers to From the constitution to the civil war unit test??
  57. math

    So what is the answer
  58. art

    false information
  59. Chemistry

    The heat of combustion of liquid hexane (C6H14) to carbon dioxide and liquid water at 298 K is -4215 kJmol?1 . Find ?rU of the reaction.
  60. physics

    . If planet Elijah has a mass of 6.0 x 106 kg and a radius of 4.0 x 104 km. What would be the force on the surface of the planet? (let the second mass equal 1 kg)
  61. History

    100% thank you sid.v 100%
  62. ELA

    thank you thank you thank you thank you
  63. Social Studies 6 B

    omg i just got 4 out 4 thank you so much
  64. Language arts

    nobody like ms sue anymore
  65. Spanish

    is gimnastisa one? if I spelled that right?

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer.
  67. Calculus Please Help

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer. my answer 30.16
  68. Calculus Please Help

    evaluate the table and find d/dx [g[f(2x)]] at x=1 f(x) 6,1,6,2 f'(x) 1,2,5,7 g(x) 1,4,4,3 g'(x) 4,5,5,-4
  69. Calculus

    Find the x-coordinates where f '(x) = 0 for f(x) = 2x + sin(2x) in the interval [0, 2?]. MY ANSWERS: x = ?/2 x = 3?/2
  70. Calculus

    Thank you
  71. Calculus

    a 160-inch strip of metal 20 inches wide is to be made into a small open trough by bending up two sides on the long side , at right angles to the base. the sides will be the same height , x. if the tgrough is to have a maximum volume, how many inches should be turned up on ...
  72. Calculus

    my answer would then be 30.16
  73. Calculus

    is this the correct method though?
  74. Calculus

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer. V = ?r²h = 16?r² dV/dr = 32?r dV = 16?r dr Let...
  75. Calculus

    The end behavior of f(x)=(2+x^2)/(x^2-36) most closely matches which of the following: y=1 y=-18 y=2 y=0 I still don't get this based on steve's answer will someone please help?
  76. Calculus

    if f(x)= |(x^2-9)(x^2+1)| how many numbers in the interval [-1,1] satisfy the mean value theorem? None 1 2 3 Will someone please explain in detail?
  77. Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis with position function s(t) = e^cos(x). How many times in the interval [0, 2?] is the velocity equal to 0? 1< My answer 2 3 More than 3 I don't really get this question will someone please explain it to me?
  78. Calculus

    so the answer is 2?
  79. Calculus

    The end behavior of f(x)=(2+x^2)/(x^2-36) most closely matches which of the following: y=1 y=-18 y=2 y=0
  80. Calculus

  81. Calculus

    The end behavior of f(x)=(2+x^2)/(x^2-36) most closely matches which of the following: y=1 y=-1 y=2 y=0 There is no leading coefficient so I am not sure what the answer is.
  82. math

    Michelle which test are those answers for
  83. math

  84. Language Art

    Its A. The rest are opinions
  85. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    what are the answers Mrs sue
  86. Algebra

    Write the ratio 16:24 in simplest form 1:2 4:3 3:4** 2:3 @Mrs.Sue can you please check my answer
  87. Technology

    idk sorry
  88. Social Studies

    mrs sue is bae on jiskha
  89. History

    B A C
  90. Heath

    wow lun your awsome 100% for me
  91. Chemistry

    What is the solute-solvent interaction between silver nitrate in water?
  92. math

    The $ are a part of Latex, which is a math language used by some. This question is one in Alcumus, a set of problems set to the user in the website, AoPS. Do not answer this question, for this question is a direct question from Alcumus, and giving the answer will not enable ...
  93. Algebra

    The CORRECT answers are... 1)C 2)C 3)B 4)D 5)C 6)B 7)C 8)B 9)C 10)D 11)B 12)D 13)B 14)B 15)B 16)C I got a low grade because of that...
  94. math 2

    Prove that (cos40-sin30)/(sin30-cos50)=tan50
  95. history

    1- B 2-C and D 3-A
  96. Chem 3

    A 2.00 kg piece of granite with a specific heat of 0.803 J/g·°C and a temperature of 95.0°C is placed into 2.00 L of water at 22.0°C. When the granite and water come to the same temperature, what will that temperature be?
  97. Chem 2

    Using values from Appendix C in your textbook, calculate the value of ?H° for the reaction 4 NH3(g) + 5 O2(g) ? 4 NO(g) + 6 H2O(g)
  98. Chemistry 1

    Calculate q when 22.0 g of water is heated from 25.0°C to 100.0°C.
  99. Chemistry

    100 g piece of granite and a 100 g piece of lead are placed in an oven that is at 100°C. The initial temperature of the pieces are 25°C. After a couple of minutes, neither one is at 100°C, but which one is warmer? Which one will reach 100°C first? How much ...
  100. Social Studies

    Thanks No one
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