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What rate of interest to produce 22,500 as interest from an invesment of 8,50,000 in three years

"it gives them the benefits of having authority" Do i need to take out the word "of"

for my homework i have to explain why there are the same amount of particles in the beginning and at the end of heating iron and sulphur, i don' know how to. can you help me, quick?

Gilberto esta ________ un libro.

Physics -
The work function of cesium surface is 2.0eV (a)find the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electrons when the surface is illuminated by violet light with wavelenght = 4.13 x 10^3 Angstroom unit h = 6.63 x 10^9-34)Js (b) what is the threshold wavelenght ( the largest ...

Physics - Help!
An incident light is monochromatic and of wavelenght 600nm, the kinetic energy of the electron is 2.56 x 10^(-20)J. For light of wavelenght 400nm, it is 1.92 x 10^(-19)J. Use the above information to estimate the value of Planck's constant,h and the work function,W of the ...

Computer - Programming
Please waht are meaning of the following functions when using Fortran i) DSIN ii) AMOD iii) IDIM iv) CABS Thanks Search on Google, each term like this: fortran idim fortran cabs fortran amod fortran DSIN

Computer - Programming
What are the differences between this FOTRAN resevered words: a) COMPLEX and CMPLX b) INTEGER and INT c) DOUBLE PRECISION and DBLE The first of each of the terms are used for data declarations. The second of each are intrinsic functions and are used to create (or convert) a ...

Physics - Assist pls!
Dear All please do help me out - thanks. How much heat and light energy is produced by a 100W electric lamp in 5 minutes? Solutn = I tried this using Energy = power x time 100 x 5min = 100 x 300 sec = 30,000J - Pls do I got the answer? You will see it easier if you include ...

Physics - Help!
All, Please just help me in this, I will need you to please give me the clue-thanks. a flashlamp bulb is marked '2.5V,0.30A' and has to be operated from a dry battery of e.m.f 3.0V for the current p.d. of 2.5V to be produced across it. Why?

Physics - Assist pls!
When a certain a.c. supply is connected to a lamp, it lights with the same brightness as it does with a 12V battery a) what is the r.m.s. value of the a.c. supply? b) what is the peak p.d. of the a.c. supply? Isn't rms value the same effective value as DC? What does root ...