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Distance between two points A and B is 100km. Two cars starts from A and B at the same time and in same direction. They meet after 5hrs,then form a linear equation in two variables which shows the differences of distances covered by both the cars.


7th Grade Math
draw an angle THAT HAVE 42


10. In A Tale of Two Cities, the Verdict of the tribunal is: a. not guilty with immediate freedom b. not guilty with a compensation of 400 pounds. c. guilty with death in twenty-four hours. d. guilty with life imprisonment. 2. In A Tale of Two Cities, Carton whispers the ...

please help me on this... 1. In "A Portait of the Artist as a Young Man," Stephen's questions reveal he is: a. indiffernt about his life. b. concerned about hsi place in world. c. angry about his life. d. hopeful and happy about his life. i think its a? 2. The ...

Well, this is a really easy problem! f(-1)=f(x)=x^2-6x/x+2 (-1)^2-6(-1)/-1+2 1+6/1 7/1 which equals 7, because 7/1 is same as 7, and that is your answer... Hope that helped:)

plz help me on this 1. What was the rumor about how "The Great Fire started? a. It was started to burn the germs from the plague b. A careless vagrant started it c. The French started it d. It started with the burning of the dead bodies from the plague. d? 2. The irony ...

1. According to Finch in "The Introduction," what does society believe are the "proper" activities for women? a. politics and voting b. marriage and motherhood c. gardening and cooking d. fashion and dancing I think it's b or d? 2. The anecdote Boswell ...


medicinal Chem.
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