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Rationalize the denominator. 2 / squareroot7+squareroot 3 Show steps

Two hoses are connected to a swimming pool. Working together, they can fill the pool in 4 hr. The larger hose, working alone, can fill the pool in 6 hr less time than the smaller one. How long would it take the smaller one, woking alone, to fill the pool? Please use the work ...

Industrial Revolution Beneficial?
Why was the Industrial Revolution beneficial? And what would be a counter-argument? I need to write a persuasive essay!

chemistry help!
Potassium has an atomic mass of 39.10amu. a sample of potassium is made up of isotopes potassium-39 (mass=38.964) and potassium-41(mass =40.962 amu). What percentage of the potassium sample is potassium-39? what percent of the sample is potassium-41?

World History (Revolutions)
what does despot mean?

World History (Revolutions)
what are some differences and similarities between the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Latin American Revolution of 1791 to 1820s? I need three similarities and differences! Help and thanks!

does the wick burn or the wax burn in a candle?

candles for chem
How does the wax burn without touching the flames in a candle?

English Honors
Can you please verify my answers if I got em' right? Thanks, They are: 1)C or D (think it's C) 2)B or C (plz help this one) 3)C 4)A 5)B 6)C 7)D 8)A 9)A 1) Which of the following statements BEST describes Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography? A) It expounds the moral, ...

theme (lit)
what is a theme of magical realism? why might magical realist authors right so much about this theme?

world history

world history
what enlightenment philosopher most inspired the creators of the us constitution? What do tea, sugar, stamps, and French product all have in common?

chem da
convert 7.5g/cm cubed to kg/m cubed? using dimensional analysis

A Dialog Between Dead Men
A Dialog Between Dead Men by Jorge Luis Borges I don't really get what happens in this story. Can someone explain more clearly or give me a link? Thanks!

World Lit
A dialog between dead men by jorge luis borges. the guy who says "how grievous it is to see such a distinguished soldier brought low by the instruments of perfidy!" is this guy rosas or quiroga?

What is the theme of the Handsomest Drowned Man in the World?

You have left your bicycle outside in the backyard for three hours on a very cold day. Now you decide to go for a ride. The metal handlebars feel colder than the plastic hand-grips because: Question 4 options: A) The latent heat of fusion of the plastic is bigger than the ...

Body A has twice the mass and three times the specific heat of body B. They are supplied with equal amounts of heat. Body A experiences a temperature change ΔT. What change in temperature is experienced by body B? Question 2 options: A) ΔT B) 3ΔT/2 C) 2ΔT/...

English Honors
Also, I thought of posting here because those other cources I mentioned, I already completed them. And because of my dumb schools "policy" or whatever you want to call it. I thought it wouldn't be fair for me to redo EVERY SINGLE THING just because these two ...

English Honors
I already completed it anyways. I just guessed. My online school is not called english honors... That was one of the subjects I had. I had math, geography, biology, and english honors along with P.E. Reason why I posted it here was because that is true. My parents made the ...

English Honors
"A Separate Peace" assingments. I just got out of the hospital. I just saw that these assignments will be due in a couple of hours. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!! I asked my teacher for a postponed date he said he can't because the payment for the school is paid in ...

7th grade introduction/conclusion
id had lost my 4square plan and i had wrote my introduction on the same paper and im out of ideas and its due monday i need help fast

geo (finals)
please help! i don't get these problems at all! a(4,3) b(7,4) and c(5,2) are midpoints of a triangle. find the coordinates for the vertices of the triangle!

determine all possible values of x if 2x+10, 20-x, and 3(x-15) are the lengths for sides of a triangle

geometry conditional form
I have a lot of cavities if I like candy a. Write the conditional form b. write the converse of the given conditional

Given tri ABC where A(4,-6) B, (-8,2) C (-4,8) A. Write the equation of the altitudes of triangle AC b. Determine the point of concurrency of the altitudes c. What is this point of concurrency called?

circle geometry triangles
thanks! :)

circle geometry triangles
how do u construct a circle that is circumscribed of a triangle? how do u constuct a circle that is inscribed in a triangle? i am a bit confused and I have finals next week!

Geo Triangles
triangle xyz. find all possible lengths of xy given: xz:9in yz:5in given: xz=1 yz=13

is it possible to constuct a triangle with the lengths of 5ft,6ft, and 12 ft?

if the measure of two pairs of supplementary angles are added together, then the sum will equal 360 degree. true or false? then write the converse and is it true or false?

geo deductive reasoning
what is a bad example of deductive reasoning?

n:1,2,3,4,5,6 f(n):0,1,3,6,10,15 find the nth term and the 20th term in the sequence

If a whole bunch of lines(no two parallel, no 3 concurrent) intersects in a plane 2926 times, how many lines are a whole bunch?

not the same girl, but same name(: beautiful name by the way(: anyway, I found it easier to multiply than add(:

ok thanks!

Conjecture: The sum of the first 30 odd whole numbers is 900. Is that right? And is there an easier way to solve this then by adding all the #s?

is that it? Is that what your supposed to do?

Conjecture: The sum of the first 30 odd whole numbers is? Conjecture: The sum of the first 30 even numbers is?

What does Marco and Laura son chicos muy buenos mean

4th grade
5,10,15 20,25,30,35,40

Science (Biology)
What part of the scientific method is this step? The choices are identifies a problem, gather info, state a hypothesis, experiment, observe & record data, or conclusion. Here is the step: Dan timed the eclipse in minutes and seconds. He wanted to see if the newspaper ...

how many ml of .0875 M H2SO4 would you need to exactly neutralize 50.00 ml of .135 M NaOH? Help! I have a feeling it's a conversion problem but i'm not sure how to do it.

Developmental Language
Can someone please help with this question-- I am very confused!! Davis went to the park with his dad and their dog,Sport. Davis saw lots of other dogs,pointed at them, and said,"Sport." Was Davis showing overextension or underextension? I posted this question ...

MsSue this reply is for you!!
Please give input on these 2 words-- Iam confused.

MsSue this reply is for you!!
Ms Sue, according to my text: "Underextension refers to the child's tendency to call all male adults "daddy" or all dogs by the family dog's name, even though the child can clearly recognize the difference between his dad and all other males and his dog ...

Developmental Language
I only was asked which I thought the answer to the first question was. Please help!

Developmental Language
I have a couple of questions I need with. I asked this question yesterday-and although I received a reply- I never received conformation. 1.Is this an example of underextension or overextension? Davis went to the park with his Dad and their dog,Sport. Davis saw lots of other ...

This is for Ms. Sue
I am thinking its an example of underextension.

Developmental Language
Is this an example of underextension or an example of overextension: Davis went to the park with his Dad and their dog,Sport. Davis saw lots of other dogs,pointed at them,and said, "Sport." Was Davis showing underextension or overextension?

A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop (Fig. 5-43). (a) If the jet is moving at a speed of 1900 km/h at the lowest point of the loop, determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 6.0 g's. ...

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