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I really want to learn Latin. If I want to become an Archeologist I think I may need to know the language if I find anything on it.

social studies
I really need to find more information of the Women's Movement, preferably the timeline of the Third Wave. Can you help out??

world history
Wouldn't it be Niagra Falls??? Because they both share a part in the great natural mark... I'm only an Australian girl so i'm not to sure....

World History
I personally think it's actually D. Re. I absolutely love learning about Ancient Eygpt but I don't think I have ever heard these terms..... But your correct about Isis & Osisris. OF course... Hehe.

World History
Tutankhmen was the boy Pharaoh who died when he was around 19. It was in his first actual year of being Pharaoh that he died.

World History
Your a brilliant person Ms. Sue. For that myth is completley true. The other woman who was fighting for the baby said nothing, I do believe.

Very true Brandon. Very true indeed. Wikipedia is always a good place to look at.