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A number has two digits whose sum is 9. If 27 is added to the number,its digits get interchanged. Find the number

How to find oxidation numbers ?

If 30 Of The 36 student of a class were present on a certain day, what percentage of student were absent

physics Classical Mechanics
please tell me the exact expression for this question.

b) F=3*m*g*tan(theta)

a) a=g*tan(theta)


1: Use the standard equation in x- axis for time taken to travel 15+S meter. 2: It will take same time to travel in the Y direction. The Y distance traveled is 6+S(Tan30) 3: use y(t)=V0(t)-5t^2. Substitute for t from 1 above. Then it is school level maths. 4: Once you get ...

Calculate the theoretical yield in moles of Fe(C5H7O2)3 for this experiment. Record this number on your data sheet. Calculate the theoretical yield in g Fe(C5H7O2)3 (GMM: 353.18g mol^-1), for this experiment. Record this number on your data sheet. I really need help on these ...

Correctly identifying the part of sppeech of each of the words in the sentences. Example: The boy hit the ball. The (definte article) boy (subject) hit (past tense verb) the definite article) ball (direct object). 1. Mother gave me a card for my birthday. 2 The new mail ...

reading a notice grade3 welcome you to parents'night

this notice was written in order to

Math 2nd grade

Math 2nd grade
Iam greater than 4 tens and less than 5 tens.I have 9 ones.What number am I?

Math 2nd grade

An airplane flies from Ft. Myers to Sarasota, a distance of 150 miles, and then turns through an angle of 50° and flies to Orlando, a distance of 100 miles (see the figure). (a) How far is it from Ft. Myers to Orlando? (b) Through what angle should the pilot turn at ...

A bug lives on a corner of a cube and is allowed to travel only on the edges of the cube. In how many ways can the bug visit each of the other seven corners once and only once, returning to its home corner only at the end of the trip?

Obtain the range of a projectile fired from ground on level ground from first principles?

inorganic chemistry
It's actually a C2V group

If i have writing about two different groups(cultures) lets say about their marriage custom. I have to write 5 pages. In half of essay i describe that Chinese marriage custom, and other half Indian culture. Is that the right way if I have comparing two different beleif of ...

question for Ms Sue
Ms Sue. you once created this one for me. ------------------------------------ First paragraph: 1. Choose two different groups of people discussed in the book. 2. Find more information about these two groups. You must use the UMUC online library or research at the UMUC library...

what is the family structure of chinese families and Indian families. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Try these sites: 1. 2. 3.

what is difference between chinese marriage customs and Indian marriage customs, thanks. Here are a couple of very informative sites: Thank you for using the Jiskha ...

I am a JAVA Programmer. For some reason, I am unable to find a JAVA job. Can you tell me what i can do to improve my JAVA skills? At this webpage, you can navigate within the TRAINING section (toward the right) to find out how to improve your ...

Lets suppose I am a Manager of some IT company. We have our IT recruiting team who work on employees to get them job until they don't find job, our company has to pay those employees. My team and I want to research on how to increase their skills so they can find a job. ...

Doing Ethnology: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Project Choose two different groups of people written about in articles from Spradley and McCurdy's Conformity and Conflict (12th edition). Find additional information about the groups you choose using the UMUC online library or...

business writing
-----Identify a problem at work or organization to which you belong. Conduct research that would help your workplace or organization solve this problem, or attend some relevant training or workshop that would provide you with such information. -- I am writing an information ...

business writing
what is information report? An information report presents facts. This web site explains one kind of information report for business.

Essay proof read
Hi. Can you fix any errors in my essay. Thanks Last week, I went to public court to learn and have a new experience. I was surprised the name of the street was courthouse circle where the court was. There were many police cars parked on the street. It was a tall building. ...

social studies
if someone is found guilty for trespassing on someone else property such as throwing trash on other's property. What will most likely be judge decisions if he is found guilty for it? The sentences for different types of convictions vary from state to state. You'd have ...

social studies
Is it possible that during court case there can be physical fight like fist fight between plaintiff and defendant. Will the case be over, what happens? It's possible, but unlikely that a physical fight will occur in a court room. If a fight does break out, police will ...

social studies
What does jury member do? do they give their decision before the main judge gives, or their decision is final? I am confused Juries are usually made up of 12 people who decide whether an accused person is innocent or guilty. The jury must reach a unanimous decision. They tell ...

how is cricket played? Previously answered. There's no need to post questions more than once. Thanks.

I have a writing assignment due. It is anthropology class. I am writing about sport of cricket. Can you tell me what exactly does my professor want. Is it I have to observe people's/player's behavior. It is anthropology class. What, exactly, does the assignment say? ...

persuasive letter (IGNORE PREVIOUS-This 1 is FINAL
This one is updated one. I am sorry for trouble. I have to write to Expedia for their mistake on reserving my car rental at LA. I want a free car rental voucher. -------------------------------- Tajinder Singh 392 Hinter Wayne Drive, Nashville, TN 52312 July 09, 2007 Mr. Bill ...

who are the players in cricket. How they play. Who are the audiences. This first site is the official cricket site on the internet. This will give you quick information on the game.

I want to know about cricket sport. Can you tell me something about cricket sport. What do they do.. how they play it. The "sport called cricket" is better phrasing, not "cricket sport" -- =)

what does it mean when the professor ask is the article you found full-text. Full text means that you found the entire original document. Some web sites and magazines only print a part of a text or an abstract of it. But full-text means the complete text. Check this site for ...

culture "Death Without Weeping"
anyone read Death Without Weeping. what is this book about?. I have not read that, but if you go to one of the bookseller websites and search for that title, you'll find summaries and reviews that may be helpful. http://www.borders....

Ignore previous one(this is latest)
Fix my recommendation letter. --------------- Mr. Rick Peterson(CEO) Sony Mobile Inc. 242 Bridge Road, Miami, FL 32090 Hello Mr. Peterson, My name is Gurvinder Singh. I work in T-Mobile company located in Miami, Florida, I would like to recommend Mr. Hung Chou to be hired as ...

Assignment: What to do?
Choose a public setting to observe. You can choose a setting that is new or one that is familiar to you. Some suggestions are a store, beauty shop or barber shop, restaurant, train or bus station, airport, religious service, or sports event. Try to approach your setting like ...

english(business writing)
Hi. I have to write request letter for guest speaker to come our organization and give effective speech. I am pasting it here. Help me if I need improvement thanks :) World Fund Raiser 1892 West Fall Rd Richmond, VA 29088 June 18, 2007 Mr. Alex Blair 7388 Columbia St Phoenix, ...

what do scientists and public say about Pluto these days? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Pluto planet" to get these possible sources: http://en....

What do you think should pluto be called a planet or not? I think it should, because it has been. Changing terms and lots of texts is silly over a name, in my opinion. See here: So, you see what happens if you don't keep your...

Why is there a argument about Pluto the planet. There's an argument about Pluto the planet because some people say that Pluto should not be part of our solar system and not be considered a planet due to it's size but other people think it should remain a planet. There ...

so basically Pluto is a planet? basically , yes. There is some controversy about this. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Pluto planet" to get these possible sources:

I want to know what is the controversy of PLuto's status as a planet There is not much controversy. Pluto is small, and smaller than some of the orbiting asteroids. Some scientists want to stop calling Pluto a planet because of this. Other scientists say we called it a ...

Take a plastic ball and put a little soapy water in it. Run your finger across the mouth to make a soap film. Now, without breaking the film, run hot water over the bottle. What happens to the soap film? How does this relate to what happens to a star when it is heated? Gases ...

Hold a small rubber ballon top of a basketball, and drop them together toward the floor. What happen to the small ball? Does that help you understand what happens to the outer layers of a supernova as they collapse on the core?

Calculate the escape velocity from a red giant's atmosphere (use the formula for escape velocity from chapter 2). Assume that the star's mass is 1 M and its radius is 100 R How does this compare with the speed at which a planetary nebula shell is ejected?

accy 117 (advanced accounting)
reed 24 sharp 30 tucker 21 upton 75

business law
Which of following is true about the capital contributions of members to an LLC? a) Capital contributions must be made in the form of Cash. b)An unfulfilled promise to make a capital contribution is generally unenforceable. c)Members are required to make equal contributions in...

business law
If the law changes that the actions called for in an agency arrangement become illegal after the agency has been carried on legally for some period of time, what is the consequence? a)Agency is terminated retroactively and the parties are left where they are. b)Agency is ...

business law
Which of following is true about the capital contributions of members to an LLC? a) Capital contributions must be made in the form of Cash. b)An unfulfilled promise to make a capital contribution is generally unenforceable. c)Members are required to make equal contributions in...

Personal injury/ laws
i have question about me and my friend suppose me and my friend (soura) are hinking in colorado mountains, there is dog by its owner, who is from Wyoming, bites my friend caused him injury. I want my friend to sue the owner of dog, but my friend doesnt want to incur the cost. ...

Who are hackers. What can we do to protect from them. Check this site for information about hackers. You can try to protect your computer from hackers by installing a firewll.