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the velocity time graph of a car start from rest and it accelerate uniformly at a rate 3m/s2 for 5seonds if attain the velocity which maintain for 1m the car then brought to rest by a uniform retardation after another 30m. draw the velocity time graph. find the acceleration. ...

a fruit drops from the top of a tree 40m tall, calculate. the time taken to reach the ground. the velocity just before it hits the ground.


Suppose that the demand functions for price increases and for price cuts facing an oligopolist are, respectively, Q1=560-80p1 and Q2=200-20p1 Suppose that the firm’s total cost function is TC=4Q+0.050Q^2 3.1 Derive the MR1, MR2 and MC functions facing the oligopolist. 3....

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Physics for Life science
1.You are riding on a 20m diameter Ferris wheel. when your cart is at the bottom, you feel twice as heavy as you normally are. what is the speed of the wheel?

Physics for Life science
1. Two people-one twice as heavy as the other one, play tug-of-war with a 12m ideal rope while standing on a frictionless ice surface. Would any of them move and if he does, how far? Explain why?

Physics for Life science
1.Since action and reaction are exactly equal and oppositely directed, how is ever possible for a net force to be acting on the body?

A-Level Chemistry

Physics for life scince
The population of Singapore is 4987600 people. The territory of Singapore is 710.2 km^2. the population of South Africa is 2171000people, while its territtory is 824292. Estimate the population densities of Singapore and South Africa.

Physics for life scince
III) The municipality of New York supplies 2 million cubic metres of water per month to the city of New York. If a household consumes about 30killo-littres of water per month, estimate the number of residents in New York ,assuming that a household has five members on everage.

Physics for life scince
II.You are standing on the edge of a 50m high cliff and throw a ball vertically up with initial speed of 20m/s: 1.After how long will the ball hit the ground below? 2.Draw the v vs.t graph

Physics for life scince
6.At the end of the 7th second the brakes are applied and the car slows down at a constant rate till it comes to rest in 5s. What is the acceleration? 7.Draw the v vs.t graph 8.find the final displacement: a)by using the graph b)by algebraic calculations using relevant formulae

pPhysics for life scince
4.The brakes are applied at the end of the 100s and the car comes to a stop within 20m, slowing down at a constant rate. What is acceleration? 5.Now the car turns back and its speed increases at 5m/s^2 for 7s. What is its speed at the end of 7th second? What its velocity at ...

Physics for life science
1. A car starts from rest and accelerates at a constant rate to 80km/h in 6s in positive direction. What is the acceleration? 2. After how long will the car speed be 120km/h if it keep accelerating at the same rate as in 1.? 3.After the car reached speed of 120km/h it travels ...