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A boy pulls a bag of baseball bats across a ball field toward the parking lot. The bag of bats has a mass of 6.8 kg, and the boy exerts a horizontal force of 20 N on the bag. As a result, the bag accelerates from rest to a speed of 1.12 m/s in a distance of 5.4 m. Part A What ...

if there is no colonies on the wild type or lysate or ADP-6only plates, did you obtain an approximate 10x-fold change in colony numbers between the different dilutions? did you expect this? pls help

At a playground, a 20-kg child sits on a spinning merry-go-round, as shown from above in (Figure 1) . The merry-go-round completes one revolution every 6.2 s, and the child sits at a radius of r=1.8m. a. What is the force of static friction acting on the child? b.What is the ...

physics newton
During an episode of turbulence in an airplane you feel 180 N heavier than usual. Part A If your mass is 86 kg, what are the magnitude and direction of the airplane’s acceleration?

Solve for t 1/A = 1/m + 1/t

In an aqueous solution containing a mixture of Zn2+and Mg2+, how would you determine their contents by means of EDTA titration?

using parentheses to make each number sentence true .. 8x9-2-3 equals 32

Two numbers. The first plus twice the second equals 11. Twice the first plus three times the second equals 50. What are the numbers?

Ah, so it's A, 9?

The math club had a lunch meeting where the attendees ordered either a hamburger for $2.50 or chicken strips for $3.25. The bill for the 25 lunches was $74.50. The system of equations below represents this situation. 2.50x + 3.25y = 74.50 --------------------- x + y = 25 How ...

what is [Ag^+] in a solution formed by mixing 25.0 ml of 0.10 M AgNO3 with 50.0 ml of 1.50 M Na3PO4. Ksp for Ag3PO4=1.0x10^-21

the tsp of magnesium fluoride is 3.7x10^-8.When 400.0 ml of 0.600 M NaF is mixed with 600. ml of 0.217 M Mg(NO3)2, a precipitate forms. (a) what mass of megangsim fluoride(M MASS=62.30g/mol) is produced ? (b) what will be the equilibrium concentrations go Mg^2+ and F^- in the ...

3/5 of the people at a funfair were children. 3/4 of the remaining people were men. There were 140 more children than women. How many people went to the funfair?

Literature-Help me Ms. Sue
2. Sojourner's vision of God is an example of a/an A. myth. B. exterior narrative. C. epiphany. D. simile. Student Answer: A Answer: Incorrect Reference: 4. When does the Narrative of Sojourner Truth take place? A. During the Civil War B. Right after the Emancipation ...

convert 50 years into a second

You add 8.2g of iron to 25.40mL of water and observe that the volume of iron and water together is 26.44mL . Calculate the density of iron.

How do I calculate the monthly payment required to repay a $250,000 loan in 15 years at 5.75% interest compounded monthly?

Quantitative Analysis for Business
The ages of a group of 50 women are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 48 years and a standard deviation of 5 years. One women is randomly selected from the group, and her age is observed. A) Find the probability that her age will fall between 56 and 60 years. B...

a. 4/(4+8)= 4/12 = 1/3 => 33,3% b. 4/(4+7)= 4/11 => 36,4%

micro economics
Frank owns a soda fountain and sells milkshakes. he sells 50 milkshakes per day for $5 each. his daily cost is $290, of which $30 is fixed cost. what can you say about Franks short run decision regarding shut down and his long run decision regarding exit? please help me out !

micro economics
1) Assume that the gold-mining industry is competitive. a) Illustrate a long-run equilibrium using diagrams for the gold market and for the a representative gold mine. b) Suppose that an increase in jewellery demand induces a a surge for in the demand for gold. Using your ...

Business studies
Frank owns a soda fountain and sells milkshakes. he sells 50 milkshakes per day for $5 each. his daily total cost is $290, of which $30 is fixed cost. What can you say about Franks short run decision regarding shut down and long run decision regarding exit?

Mercury has a semi-major axis of 0.367AU and an eccentricity of e=0.206. Calculate its distance to the Sun at perihelion. Remember to use units of AU in your answer.

A toddler’s playground has two slides on either side. The slide on the left is situated at a 45° angle to the ground and is 68 centimeters away from the base of the playground. The slide on the right is positioned at a 30° angle to the ground and is 112 ...

A ladder leans against a house at a 60° angle to the ground. If the ladder extends to a length of 132 inches, what is the height of the house to the nearest hundredth of an inch?

Use Newton’s Law of Gravity to calculate the force of gravity between a 39 kg person and Earth.

Which has a greater influence on a person’s health: individual choices and actions (micro perspective) or community policies and resource availability (macro perspective)? Discuss three reasons why you selected one over the other. Your initial post should be 250-300 words...

0 if you add 0 to c you get the same vector.

9th grade
the debate club needs $240.00 to attend a debate tournament. the club decides to sell iced tea and lemonade at baseball games. iced tea will be sold for $.50 per cup and lemonade will be sold for $.80 per cup. write the equation to find how many cups of each beverag must be ...

in order to write sentences that are correct in srtucture is this a fragment run-on sentence

algebra readiness

HHS 225
1.what have been the most significant changes in health and human services over the past fifty years? 2. How has society responsibility to individual needs changed in the last ten years? 3. Who should determine health and human services need? 4. What should the role of health ...

social studies
what substance was used to stuff the nostrils?

VERY IMPORTANT FOR A PHYSICS PRESENTATION.. PLEASE HELP & EXPLAIN CLEARLY??? THANKS SO MUCH! (a) why is the centripetal force neede to keep a body moving in a circular path? (b) In what direction does a centripetal force accelerate the body on whic it acts?? (c) Upon what ...

social studies
what is a roman grinding mill i need an answer by today! do tommorrow PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to do it your self!11 I am not certain of the point. A Roman grinding mill was a grinding mill. The above...

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