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calculate thetotal perimeter of the sector

B as Jarrod said, more mass, more gravity.

Suppose the length of time cats sleep each day is normally distributed with a mean of 15 hours and a standard deviation of 2 hours. Which groups describe 34% of the cat population? I just need help on how to do it.

Chemical Engineering: Raoult's Law
A binary mixture of benzene and styrene is kept in a closed vessel at equilibrium such that both liquid and vapor phases co-exist. The total amount of moles in the vessel is 100. The total moles of benzene that is distributed in the liquid and vapor phases is 35. The ...

Explain how to write 40,000 in two different ways (not meaning standard, expanded, or word form).

Life orientation
lack of physical fitness and proper nutrition in the adolescent

Write down the gradient and the y-intercept of the straight lines whose equations are given as follows: a) y=2x-4, b) 2y=x+6, c) y-x=2, d) 2x+3y=6-x

"A flyer quacker"?!?! Hahahaha so frickin funny I might just go shoot myself in the foot

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