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  1. character education

    Yes it's C
  2. LA

    ok,hanks anyways
  3. LA

    what are two ways tock and humbug are differentin act 2 of the phantom tollbooth
  4. Social Studies help

    1.B 2.D Totally a 100%
  5. Science

    teamwork is dreamwork
  6. algebra

    graph y=/x/-2
  7. algebra 2

    Let f(x)=5x^3-2x and g(x)=3x^3.Preform the operation given and state the domain. A. F(x)+ g(x) B. F(x) - g(x) C. F(x) • g(x) D. F(x) / g(x) E. f(g(x)) F. g (f(x)

    they are both right
  9. Math

    The country hall charges a rental fee of $1000 and at least $3000 for food. Olivi is planning a class reunion. If she had chosen a buffet that costs $38.56 per person what is the minimum possible number of people who must attend to support the expense?
  10. geography

    the c0orn belt of the united states stretches from Ohio to Nebraska.
  11. math

    typo, i think it's just meant to say the sums of the equations
  12. math

    7x + 5 8x + 9 find the value of x so that both the sum of the equations equal 180 when added together.
  13. Algebra

    I lined up all of my pet snakes. The two pythons are 6 feet each. I also have three corn snakes that are all the same length. Altogether, my snakes total 21 feet. A. How long is one of the corn snakes? B.Write an equation that models this situation. Thank you teachers so much ...
  14. math

    write an algebraic or numeric expression for the following:Take away 30 from j
  15. Algebra

    Thats what Im confused about I have to explain WHY the above equation is incorrect, in complete sentences. Before, I asked why this is wrong, the question states Nelson says the equation to find how many cookies are in each bag is 4*c=36. Nelson is wrong. Now I have to explain...
  16. Algebra

    I have 6 bags with the same number of cookies. Altogether I have 36 cookies.The equation to find out how many cookies are in each bag is 4*c=36. Why is this wrong?
  17. english

    well I wanted an answer thanks for your help all yall w great names
  18. Chemistry

    Radium-223 has a half-life of 11.4 days. Approximately how long would it take for the activity of a sample of 223Ra to decrease to 2.00 % of its initial value?
  19. Art

  20. Art

    what value is most likely encouraged when citizens look at the rising eagle on the unit state dollar bill? Wisdom Patriotism Endurance Creativity I think either wisdom or patriotism
  21. Chemistry

    what volume of 1.00M ca(oh)2 is needed to neutralize 250.0mL of 0.100M HCL?
  22. Chemistry

    What volume of 1.00M ca(oh)2 is needed to neutralize 250.0mL of 0.100M HCL?
  23. Geo

    1. What is the altitude of this cylinder: B ==> C? ANSWER = B 2. What is the total surface area of this cylinder? ANSWER = C 3. What is the best approximation of the total surface area of this cylinder? ANSWER = A 4. A cylindrical container's lateral surface is to be ...
  24. Physics

    you strike a huge spring at a speed of 30m/s while strapped in a steel cage. When you hit the spring with combined mass of 320kg it is compressed 9.0m. A) What is the spring constant of the spring? B) How long are you in contact with the spring before it bounces off in the ...
  25. Physics

    So you chose to use a solid sphere and you give it a speed of 5.9m/s on a flat horizontal surface which is the speed it has when it reaches a 22degree incline. A) How far along the incline will it go?
  26. science

    convert your answer from 3 to meters per second.
  27. Language Arts

  28. Language Arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: The president of the large company felt as if he had reached the PINNACLE of his career. A. lowest point B. pointed or towering formation C. highest point of achievement** D. rise toward success or fame I think it is C
  29. History

  30. Health

    I think it's c
  31. math

    The property taxes on a business office were $3000. What was the tax rate if the business office was valued at $200,000?
  32. History

    it is not A and C but I think it is D.
  33. Math

    First year students at a particular college must take one English class, one class in mathematics, a first year seminar, and and elective. There are 2 English class to choose from, 3 mathematicss classes, 5 electives, and everyone takes the same first year seminar. Represent ...
  34. Algebra

    (10 in):(150 ft)=(10 in):(150*12 in)= 1:180
  35. english

    in line 16of "The Nymph's reply to the shepherd" in what ways does the speaker's word choice reveal a striking balance of opposite to illustrate the theme of the harmful effects of time?
  36. math

    A number is multiples by 6 and that product is added to 3 the sum is equal to the product of 3 and 11 find the number
  37. AP Chemistry

    An ore contains Fe3O4 and no other iron. The iron in a 39.3-gram sample of the ore is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 10.6 g. What was the mass of Fe3O4 in the sample of ore? Answer in units of g
  38. Math

    66 ounces of peanuts to 89.1 ounces of walnuts
  39. Math 7

  40. Math 7

    A photo studio offers different sized prints of the same subject. The original print measures 8 inches by 10 inches. A printer enlarges the orginal the orginal by a scale factor of 1.5, and then enlarges the second image by a scale factor of 3. What are the dimensions of the ...
  41. Algebra please help

    4 is C took it c for 2018
  42. science

    @mariana do you know the rest of the answers ?
  43. Math

    Each human hand has 27 bones. There are 6 more bones in the fingers than in the wrist. There are 3 fewer bones in the palm than in the wrist. How many bones are in each part of the wrist?
  44. History

    I am having a hard time with this question and where to look for the answer. How might the cultures of Latin America be different if the spanish and portugese never arrived? Also what kind of culture do you think would dominate today?thanks
  45. Language Arts

    Truthful answers for unit 3 lesson 2 1.b 2.c 3.b 4. D 5.b
  46. calculus

    The operating cost, C, in dollars per hour, for an airplane cruising at a height of h metres and an air speed of 200km/h is given by: C = 4000 + h/15 + 15000000/h for the domain 1000 ≤ h ≤ 20000. Determine the height at which the operating cost is at a minimum, and...
  47. math help

    my bad, the 1.5 should be positive! so y=1.5 and x=0.5
  48. math help

    You have to isolate one variable in the first equation first because its easier, then substitute it into the second one: x=2-y Now plug this in for x in the second equation: 3(2-y)^2+4(2-y)y+y^2=6 Now solve for y, then plug your answer back into: x=2-y 3(2-y)(2-y)+8y-4y^2+y^2=...
  49. Earth Space Science

    the horizontal distance between a crest to the next trough of an ocean wave is 5 meters. what is the wavelength of the ocean wave? A)2 meters B)5 meters C)10 meters D)20 meters I think its 10 meters but im not so sure, I would like to make sure.
  50. Science

    which of these statements provides evidence to the fact that oceans influence climate by transporting water from one place to another? A)warm ocean water off the east coast of Florida affects the climate of Europe. B)warm ocean water off the east coast of Florida affects the ...
  51. Science

    Salinity of the ocean A)is generally very low B)changes with climate C)decreases with increase in temperature D)increases where a river meets the ocean I think its A but I'm not sure I just want to make sure.
  52. English

    Thank you
  53. English

    Hello, can you check with me to see if this answer is correct to this question. What does scrooge mean by these lines in a Christmas carol Act two scene four? Spirit this is a fearful place, in leaving it, I shall not leave its, lesson, Trust me let us go. Answers are; I am ...
  54. Math

    37.52 rounded to the nearest whole.
  55. Health

    BBA is right
  56. Health

    AnonK got me a 100%
  57. Statistics

    A student guesses blindly on a 20-question multiple choice test. If each question has 4 answer choices (only one of which is correct), what is the probability that the student will answer exactly 10 questions correctly?
  58. Science

    James u would have failed EVERYONE!!!!! U douch
  59. physics

    A horizontal force of 150 N is used to push a 45.0-kg packing crate a distance of 5.75 m on a rough horizontal surface. If the crate moves at constant speed, find each of the following. (a) the work done by the 150-N force (b) the coefficient of kinetic friction between the ...
  60. algebra

    A school has a classroom with a length eight feet less than twice the width. If a group of parents purchased 400 square feet of carpet for the room, what is the approximate length of the room? L=2W-8 L*W=400 (2W-8)W=400 2w^2-8w=400
  61. Language Arts

    Diana is correct
  62. 7th grade math

  63. 7th grade math

    The sum of an integer and the next greater integer is at the most 13. Write an inequality to find the lesser integer and solve for the lesser integer. My answer n+n+1 <_ 13 n<_6
  64. Math

    Soggywaffles was right
  65. ss

    Get a life u kids and mind your own business
  66. L.A.

    Yep All right
  67. College Algebra

    Allison drove home at 65 mph, but her brother Austin, who left at the same time, could drive at only 41 mph. When Allison arrived, Austin still had 144 miles to go. How far did Allison drive?
  68. Art

    Did you get this right.?
  69. Math

    Thanks for breaking it down.
  70. Math

    A true crab has 4 fewer than twice the number of legs that a hermit crab has. The hermit crab has 6 legs. How many legs does the true crab have? I put for the equation 4c =6 *2 I am confused
  71. Math

    Thanks, I got 160
  72. Math

  73. Math

    An annual pass covering entrance fees to more than 2000 national parks cost $80. If the total income from the annual passes is $12,800 in one month. Write the equation and solve it. For my equation I put 12800p=80
  74. Math

    Thanks a lot
  75. Math

    Is the answer x= 3500
  76. Math

    1400= 2/5x X= 7000 I took 1400 times 5
  77. Math

    Thanks a lot
  78. Math

    Which expression represents the difference of (3y+2)-(y-1)? I put 2y+ 3 for my answer.
  79. Math

  80. 7th grade math honors

    Thanks a lot
  81. Chemistry

    I got 5.6 Thanks
  82. Chemistry

    I really don't understand this problem? Is there a simpler way to do this? Thanks
  83. Chemistry

    find the mass in grams of 1.40x10^23 molecules of n2
  84. Chemistry

  85. Chemistry

    72 is my answer
  86. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 1.00 mol of sodium hydrogen carbonate?
  87. Chemistry

    6.25 percent is my answer Thanks a lot for helping me
  88. Chemistry

    What is the percent by mass of hydrogen in aspirin C2H8O4?
  89. math

    Wrong answers
  90. chemistry

    That's very helpful! Thank you!
  91. chemistry

    I just need a definitive answer because I've searched everywhere and it's made me second guess my original answer. How many valence electrons does copper have? I thought it was one but now I'm unsure. I know it's electron configuration is [Ar]4s1 3d10, so that...
  92. chemistry

    Because I had to convert kJ to J So I did: 1312200/2(6.022x10^23) 6.626x10^-34(3x10^8)/ans and then that answerx 10^9 to convert to nm Where did I go wrong because that answer wasn't correct =(
  93. chemistry

    Ok that's what I thought! So my answer should be 182.45 nm, yes?
  94. chemistry

    Wait, what's planck's equation??
  95. chemistry

    Experimentally the ionization energy of hydrogen is 1312.2 kJ / mol. What would be the wavelength (nm) of a photon with enough energy to ionize one atom of hydrogen? They give the equation E=hcR but those are all known constant values and none include mols so I'm very ...
  96. History

    What are some aspects of the modern American political party system that began during the Jackson era? A.beginnings of political action committees and fundraising B.widespread campaigns for the popular vote, including fliers, slogans, and songs C.of campaign tours and town ...
  97. chemistry

    Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrying molecule of red bloods and contains 4 atoms of iron per molecule of hemoglobin. A sample of hemoglobin weighing 13.4 g contains 45.6 mg iron. What is the molecular mass of hemoglobin? I'm unsure of where to begin with this problem. I know ...
  98. Language Arts

    Dipper pines is right I just got 100% thank you

    7500J=1/2(M2V^2) +1/2(1.5M2)(V^2) 7500J=1/2 (M2V^2+1.5M2V^2) 15000=M2V^2+1.5M2V^2 15000= X+1.5X 15000=X(2.5) 6000=X 6000 = X = M2V^2 1/2(6000) = KE 3000 = KE TOTAL PE (7500J) - KElargerobject(3000) = 4500J (KE smaller object)

    7500J = KE1 + KE2
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