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Science - Physics
Find the x-component of vector v⃗ = (310 m/s , 45 ∘ above +x-axis).

A particle rotates in a circle with centripetal acceleration a = 8.8 m/s2 . What is a if the radius is doubled without changing the particle's speed? What is a if the speed is doubled without changing the circle's radius?

At 450oC the value of equilibrium constant for the following system is 6.59 x 10-3. If [NH3] = 1.23 x 10-4 and [H2] = 2.75 x 10-3 at equilibrium, determine the concentration of N2 at that point. N2(g) + 3H2(g)  2NH3(g)

The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction below is 40.0 at a specified temperature. What would be the value of that constant for the reverse reaction under the same conditions? H2(g) + I2(g)  HI(g)

A solution is 42% NaCl by mass. If 314 mL of H2O was used to create the solution, calculate the , mass of salt that was used.

Integers a, b, c, d and e satisfy 50<a<b<c<d<e<500, and a,b,c,d,e form a geometric sequence. What is the sum of all possible distinct values of a?

If two forces act at a point making an acute angle between them, find the resultant.

Hamko nahin Pata

i am doing a project on economic activities for geographyplease help me by giving me information today . right now i find 15 persons for our project and asks 7 question and find out answer from those persons and also make a 2 pie chart and graphs on the answer of each question...

estimating sums
the flower shop received a shipment of 432 roses. they need to fill an order for 273 roses. use any method to estimate how many roses they will have left

Trig math
How do I solve for x? cos(4x)(2+tan^2x)=8


a cubical wooden box of internal edge 1m is made of 5cm thick wood.The box is open at the top . if the wood costs Rs. 9600 per cubic metre, find the cost of the wood required to make the box?

35 is answer i guess

write a invitation letter to your friend to invite him to your birthday. class 3rd

I'm doing the same thing and some word equations are: Carbon+Oxygen= CarbondiOxide Hydrogen+Oxygen=HydrogenOxide Hydrogen oxide is the same as water! And a candle is made up of Hydrogen and Carbon!

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