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  1. Math

    In an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry resident Frank Myers almost lost his home to taxes owed. Luckily, Sheriff Andy Taylor found an old town bond that belonged to Frank. The bond's original value was $100 paying 8.5% interest compounded annually and was 100 ...
  2. math

    a car was purchased for $12,329 this year. Each year the value decreases 8%. write the exponential equation to model the situation
  3. math

    a technician charges $75.00 for consult plus $35.00 per hour. write an equation for the function. what are the variables represent and find the number of hours if he charged you $285.
  4. Math

    what is the equation for the linear function from the machines purchase to the end of 3 years?
  5. college math

    the half life of Uranium -238 is 4.5 billion years and the age of earth is 4.5 X 109 years. What fraction of Uranium-238 that was present when earth was formed still remains?
  6. college math

    thank you so much
  7. college math

    a medical institution request 1 gram of bismuth-214 which has a half life of 20 min. How many grams of bismuth-214 must be prepared if the shipping time is 2 hours.
  8. college math

    Poaching causes a population of elephants to decrease by 8% per year. If there are 10,000 elephants today, about how many will remain in 50 years?
  9. Math

    got it awhile ago. (300) (1.02)to the 24th power. equal $482.53. thanks
  10. Math

    You owe $300.00 on your credit card. Each month you fail to make a payment, your balance increases by 2%. how much will you owe after 2 years of missing payments?
  11. math

    Poaching causes a population of elephants to decrease by 8% per year. If there are 10,000 elephants today, about how many will remain in 50 years?
  12. math

    the answer given to us is $482.53. Not sure how she got it. still having problems with obtain the answer.
  13. math

    you owe $300 on your credit card. Each month you fail to make a payment, your balance increases by 2%. How much will you owe after 2 years of missing payments?
  14. math

    You owe $300.00 on your credit card. Each month you fail to make a payment, your balance increases by 2%. How much will you owe after 2 years of missing payments?
  15. math

    thank you that is also what i got. 125,000
  16. Math

    Scott's salary decreased from $78,000 to $74,000. What is the absolute change in salary, and what is the relative change in salary. also New salary is what % less than his old salary. and New salary is what % of his old salary. and new salary is what times his old salary. ...
  17. math

    the relative change in price was 45% decrease. If the new price is $68.00 what was the original price.
  18. math

    a drug test is 97% accurate. 2000 people take the test. 1975 of the people do not use drugs, while the other 25 are drug users. How many non-drug users will pass the drug test?
  19. math

    thank you.
  20. math

    Walmart's net sales for 2015 were 485.7 billion dollars. What were their average net sales per hour? please help.
  21. math

    The population of a town decreased from 15,400 to 12,950. What is the percentage decrease?
  22. Math

    The after-tax price of a shiny new car is $19,000. If 8% sales tax was charged, what was the pre-tax price of the car?
  23. mat

    a pair of $90 shoes goes on sale for 35% off and then goes on clearance rack for an additinal 10% off. A customer walks in with a 20% off coupon and uses it to buy the shoes. How much did the customer pay for the shoes? and the price paid was what percent of the original price.
  24. Math

    a pair of $90 shoes goes on sale for 35% off and then goes on the clearance rack for an additional 10% off. a customer walks in with a 20% off coupon good on all clearance items and buys the shoes. How much did the customer pay for the shoes? and the price paid was what ...
  25. Math

    In 2016 there were ab out 135 million households in the United States. 36.5% of the households own at least one dog. On average, these households have 1.6 dogs. How many millions of pet dogs were in the United States. Round to the nearest tenth of a million. Please help.
  26. Chemistry

    Making a solution at 100•C What would be the smallest volume of water needed to dissolve 12.0g of KNO3 at 100•C
  27. Math (fractions)

    Did someone find the answer to this problem?
  28. Algebra

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range -1<m<0. Choose two different initial values. For this new linear function what happens to the functions values after many iterations? Are the functions values getting closer to a particular ...
  29. Language Arts 7

    I GOT ALL THEM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!! The actual answers for Lesson 5: Second Read: Two Kinds from The Joy Luck Club are 1A 2A 3C 4D 5C
  30. Geography

    State one characteristic of mid latitude cyclones that other types of cyclones do not have
  31. math

    A machine packages bags of almonds. The weights of the bags are normally distributed with a mean of 14 oz and a standard deviation of 1.2 oz. Enter the z-score of a bag of almonds that weighs 12.2 oz. my answer: -1.5
  32. Math

    Drake has 5 baskets of fruit. Each basket has 12 plums and 14 apricots. How many pieces of fruit does Drake have in the baskets?
  33. Algebra

    Evaluate fraction numerator open vertical bar a minus 16 b close vertical bar over denominator open vertical bar a plus b close vertical bar end fraction when a = -10 and b = 3
  34. algeba

    A ladder is leaning against a building. The base of the ladder is 8 feet from the wall, and the top of the ladder reaches 6 feet up the wall. How long is the ladder?
  35. Sigfigs

    How would you round 31.797 in correct sigfigs? Thanks
  36. Maths

    The product of two natural numbers is 18. If one is added to four times the smaller number this is equal to the larger number. Find both numbers
  37. science help PLS

  38. Maths

    Amita wants to make a mold for a candle. She wants the shape of the candle to be rectangular prism with a volume of exactly 28 cubic cm. The answer for this question is given as 10 molds. Can you explain in detail how the answer is 10 to better understand.
  39. soc 305

    Judd is hungry. He sees a candy bar in a store, so he steals it. What theory of crime does his action most
  40. Math

    Find the domain and range of the function. h(x)=4^sqrt 7-3x thank you!
  41. Technical Math (College)

    Question: The formula s=4.90t^2 gives the distance s in meters that a body falls in a given time t. Find the distance a ball drops in 4.2 seconds. Use the rules for multiplication of measurements in evaluating the answer. ------------------------------------ I understand how ...
  42. math

    If a plant has grown 62 3/4 inches in 1 1/3 months, what is the growth in 1 month?
  43. Math

    This is the equation he come up with for the problem but, he is told it is wrong.
  44. Math

    eight more than the quotient of a number and five is three. Write an algebraic expression or equation 8+y/5=3
  45. chemistry

    How many moles of sulfur are present in 2.9 moles of Al2(SO4)3
  46. science

    The lift curve of the airfoil of an aircraft is as shown. The weight of the aircraft is 1500 kg. If the stall speed of the aircraft is 60 m/s, determine the wing area.
  47. MAT 221

    If 7 pens cost d dollars, how much, in dollars, does each pen cost?
  48. math

    the product of 9 and jose's height is 117
  49. Math

    How much money is 3/4 of $24 ?
  50. phi 208

    According to Nagel, which of the following may be permitted by absolutism, at least in some circumstances? (Points : 1) Intentionally killing an innocent person Doing something that brings about an innocent person's death Dropping a nuclear bomb on an enemy city Torturing ...
  51. psychology

    Could the effect of being clinically depressed on the number of close friendships an individual has be studied in an experimental research design? I think not because the variables cannot be manipulated.
  52. English

    Okay I figure on what needs done with my assignment.thanks for the help.
  53. English

    Not the same person
  54. English

    Oh ok
  55. English

    Thanks I just need figure how to structure my argument essay since am only talk about side of the topic.
  56. English

    What does refute the reasons mean ?
  57. English

  58. English

    It about compare and contrast essay I did on living in the midwest and south.
  59. English

    A paper
  60. English

    What does these sentence mean to do?what type of basis of comparison exists for the topic that you chose. ?what common ground or common elements do the two subjects share?
  61. Hydrology

    I have no idea how to calculate this, I just need some direction please (like an equation)? Consider a drainage basin 187 km2. How much water is produced (m3) if 2.5 inches of rain falls on the basin? How many people could be supported on the water produced per day? Per year? ...
  62. Math

    Courtney is traveling 8 mph to a location and 6 mph back. trip is 7 hours in total. what time did she spend at each speed???
  63. math

    A company will need $65,000 in 6 years for a new addition. To meet this goal the company deposits money in an account today that pays 5% annual intrest compound quarterly. Find the amount that should be invested to total $65,000 in 6 years. the company should invest?
  64. English

    I had already checked that out prior to posting. Unfortunately, there is no explanation for citing the column, unless I'm misunderstanding. That was basically my dilemma on how to cite the column name of a newspaper. Thank you
  65. English

    I forgot to say--it has to be in MLA format. Thank you
  66. English

    I can't find on the web how to quote an article from the New York Times that appeared on the web--the catch is it has a column name This is the info: Title: Is College Worth It? Clearly New Data Say Author: David Leonhardt Column Name: The Upshot Publication date: May 27, ...
  67. statistics

    A nutritionist was interested in determining the smoking status of her clients. She asked each of her clients to report his or her current smoking status: Smoker, Ex-Smoker, and Non-Smoker. Which of the following graphical techniques is the best way for her to represent the ...
  68. statistics

    In a school election, 5 people run for student body president. The actual number of votes for each candidate would be a ___ variable. If the total number of votes were removed and the candidates were listed in order of least to most popular, this would be a __ variable. a. ...
  69. math

    For his long distance phone service, Josh pays a $5 monthly fee plus 9 cents per minute. Last month, Josh's long distance bill was $22.82 . For how many minutes was Josh billed?
  70. Math

    Mary has nickels, dimes and quarters worth $12:85. If the number of dimes and the number of quarters is more than twice the number of dimes, how many more dimes are there.
  71. math

    I know the answer. I don't know how to get to the answer to this problem: The number of marbles Mari has is 2/3 the number Tanya has. Together they have 40 marbles. How many marbles does Tanya have? I know the answer is 24, but how?
  72. math

    The number of marbles Marci has is 2/3 the number Tanya has. Together they have 40 marbles. How many marbles does Tanya have?
  73. math HELP!!!!!!

    which ones are wrong?
  74. math

    A piece of a broken wheel is shown. It was taken to a machine shop to be replaced with a new “whole” wheel. Find the radius of the wheel if AC=10cm, BD= 3cm, and D is the midpoint of AC. Round to the nearest hundredth. (note: keep in mind this circle/wheel is not ...
  75. Math

    An organization is planning a dance. The band will cost $400 and advertising costs will be $100. Food will be supplied at $2 per person and tickets cost $6 per person. How many people will have to attend the dance if the organization want to profit $400?
  76. physics

    Given the atmospheric pressure is 10 5pa what is a gauge pressure of 0.55 mpa equal to?
  77. physics

    The mass of a vehicle is 4.25 tones concentrate 1.25 meters behind the front wheels what is the force required to jack up the rear wheels?
  78. Math

    In 1997, a typical American consumed 52 liters of bottled water, and in 2001, a typical American consumed 74 liters of bottled water. Let y be the number of liters of bottled water consumed by a typical American in the year x, where x = 0 represents the year 1997. (a) Which of...
  79. Math

    A group meeting is attended by 14 delegates. 9 of the delegates are from Atlantis and 5 of the delegates are from Zedonia. (a) In how many ways can the group choose 6 of the 14 delegates to form a negotiation panel? Show work. (b) In how many ways can the group choose 6 of the...
  80. physics

    A dust particle carrying a charge of is 2 mm to the left of another dust particle carrying a charge of . Find the magnitude and direction of the elec- tric force on the first particle.
  81. pre cal

    how did you get the nine after the A?
  82. pre cal

    where do i plug in thoes number
  83. pre cal

    the (-3,5) is the vertex how do i use that i am not completely understand
  84. pre cal

    how do you determine the the quadratic function if the problem gives you a graph with the line has points of (-3,5) and (0,-4)?
  85. Pre cal

    how do you find A?
  86. Pre cal

    how would you find the answere if they give you a graph with two points like (-3,5) and (0-4)
  87. Pre cal

    thank you so much but i am still not understanding how you got that
  88. Pre cal

  89. Pre cal

    determine the function f whose graph is given the vertex is (3,-13) and the y intercept is -4 how whould i work this out
  90. math---help! connections academy! check my answers

    Yes they are! :D
  91. math---help! connections academy! check my answers

    this you get all this question right?! im in the same quick check!

    Did you get the right answer?! i have to answer the same question and i don't know it!
  93. computer applications

    Microsoft word graded project lesson number...038189
  94. Math

    How did you get Alan's score?
  95. English composition

    List two specific,concrete original details for each sense that describing that particular testing event
  96. science help plzzz

    Me to and the answers are still right!!!
  97. PFN2

    upon retirement in 20 years Simon plans to invest $400,000 in a fund that earns 5%, what is the maximum annual withdrawal he can make over the following 15 years?
  98. finacne

    cYou think that in 15 years it will cost $214,000 to provide your child with a 4-year college education. Will you have enough if you take $75,000 today and invest it for the next 15 years at 5%? d. If you can earn 5%, how much will you have to save each year if you want to ...
  99. Finance

    If the average new house cost $210,000 today, how much will it cost in 10 years if the price increased by 5% each year
  100. physics

    008 (part 1 of 5) 10.0 points A wheel makes 72 revolutions in 2 seconds. What is the angular velocity of the wheel? Answer in units of cycles/s
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