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Mr. Man ate 2/8 slices of a large pizza and Mrs. Man ate 2/8 slices of a small pizza. Who ate more pizza?

I need assistance in calculating the mean and standard deviation from data collected using 2 surveys, strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree. Can someone help please? Need the raw data also.

American History
The committee of correspondence was initiated by

Quantitative analysis
Input Output Model The Xavier Corporation has a digital electronics division and a plastics division. For each dollar's worth of plastics produced, the plastics division uses $.10 worth ofplastic and $.20 worth of electronics. For each dollar's worth of electronic ...

Quantitative analysis
Matrix Algebra Assignment Let A= 4 −1 6 9 and B= 0 3 3 −2 Find: 1. A + B 2. AB 3. BA 4. A' (the transpose of A). 5. What is an Identity Matrix?

80cu yd

What is sometime call your windpipe

Math 7th grade
5274 but i can not get the answer.....

Whats 25% of 96

College Algebra~Can someone check my answers pls
They are all right

To Kill A MockingBird
Why does Scout wish her father was "a devil from hell" ?