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pre calculus
A projectile is fired straight upward from ground level with an initial velocity of 320 feet per second. (Assume t = 0 seconds corresponds to the time the object is fired. Use 32 feet/second2 as acceleration due to gravity.) (a) At what instant will it be back at ground level...

If liquid pressure were the same at all depths, would there be a buoyant force on an object submerged in the liquid? Discuss your explanation of this with your friends.

There is a graph and it is divided into 3 columns and the first one is the year and the middle one is the years elapsed and the 3rd one is miles per gallon....and the question is...calculate the years elapsed since 1960 to complete it. So I have to fill in the middle column ...

How do you find year elapsed using miles per gallon??

if a wheel chair ramp is 6.10m long with a rise of 0.45m what should the angle of degree be