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Biology! please answer.
The driving force of ATP Synthesis at the location of athe ATP synthesis complex is the ________. 1. proton motive force 2. hydrolysis of ATP 3. phosphorylation of ADP 4. proton concentration gradient I believe the answer is "1" because pmf is the driving force of ...

biology question
the entire molecule apparatus is also named the ATP _________ complex. 1. synthetase 2. synthase 3. synthesis 4. hydrolysis I assume the answer is either 1 or 2 because 3 and 4 are nouns and we need a verb. I lean more towards number 2. please help. First, it is an adjective ...

The mRNA sequence of nucleotides for gene "Y" has been determined to be AGCCAUGCCCGCGAGGUAGAAA. You have decided to mutate the gene, such that a new and functional protein is expressed from this gene. To do this, you have placed the nucleotide sequence_______ after ...

The theory of ATP synthesis by the ATP synthesis apparatus is called the _______ theory. I have no idea. Can some please help? Go to and type in "ATP synthesis" without the parentheses. I think you will find your answer about four or five references ...

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