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economic theory
How would you accomplish exposure netting with currencies to two countries that tend to go up and down together in value

Why is acceleration or delay of payments more useful to an IC than to smaller, separate companies?

what is the formula to calculate the yield to maturity? Check this site.

what is the countries origin of Hinduism Hinduism originated in India. Check this site for more information.

Enviornmental Science
What is the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it? You will have to specify the biome that is being discussed

Human Religious
Can you explain to me what is Hindiuism Religious? Here are several websites that will help, especially the first one (Wikipedia): =) One of my favorite ...

Enviornmental Science
What are some of the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it. Which biome? Please identify the biome and post your answers. We'll be glad to help you from there. parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism Please post ...

Human Religious
If Japanese culture/religion lives, how has Western culture changed it? Your question is quite vague. Obviously Japanese culture is very much alive and well. It also has been changed in several ways by Western culture over the last 150 years. If you post your answer to the ...

Human Religious
Is Japanese culture/religion evolved over time? Shintoism is mainly a Japanese religion. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and most other Asian religions originated in other areas. So I'm assuming the question wants you to incorporate Shintoism into your answer. Here's a ...

Human Religious
If the culture/religion still lives, how has Western culture changed it? Which religion? In what location? Which part of "Western culture"?? Your question is far too broad. If you narrow the question, you'll probably be able to find good answers. http://www....

Human Religious
How do you think the importance of these relationships developed? What spiritual purpose do you think they serve for indigenous peoples? Which relationships? What purpose do you think they served? the interrelatedness of everything in the cosmos as it is expressed in many ...