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The united states developed the open door policy toward china as a means to: A. Prevent foreign powers from monopolizing trade with china B. Stop china from taking over nearby mineral-rich siberia C. Increase the chinese immigration to the united states D. Allow the united ...

As a result if the progressive era, major reforms were achieved in all of the following areas EXCEPT: A. Consumer protection B. Womens Suffrage C. African-American Civil Rights D. Business Regulation

D ? Is what i said

He organized a labor union in order for members to get better pay and working conditions A. J.P. Morgan B. Corneilus Vanderbilt C. Andrew Carnegie D. Samuel Gompers

In 1896, the supreme court ruled in Plessy V. Ferguson that- A. Congress did not have the authority to levy an income tax B. Labor strikes which caused hardships for americans were unconstitutional C.separate but equal facilities for african americans were legal D. American ...

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