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If one third of 100 gm of 27% of aqueous solution is taken in a beaker and 10 gm of sugar is added to it,the concentration of resulting solution is.....

a gas is filled in a vessel at 27 degree Celsius. to what temp should it be heated so that it 1/3rd of of the gas escapes out of the vessel? my attempt to solve; i tried applying charles law. so, V1/V2= T1/T2. V2= V1+V1/3= 4V1/3 hence, applying charles law V1/V2= 3/4 T1/T2= ...


A cart loaded with bricks has a total mass of 13.5 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope.The rope is inclined at 27.9 degrees above the horizontal and the cart moves 13mts on a horizontal floor.The co efficient of kinetic friction between ground and cart is 0.3.The ...

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What will be the ionic equation after nickel nitrate is allowed to stand for several months