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A pond is 12 metres across. The crests of two successive waves are 60.0 cm apart and they each move across the pond in 15 seconds. a)What is the velocity of the waves? b)What is the frequency of the waves? c)What is the period of the waves?

What is w when 3.37 kg of H2O(l), initially at 25.0oC, is converted into water vapour at 111oC against a constant external pressure of 1.00 atm? Assume that the vapour behaves ideally and that the density of liquid water is 1.00 g/mL. (Remember to include a "+" or &...

The enthalpy change for the reaction below at 25oC is -2,252 kJ (per mole of C11H24). What is the internal energy change for the reaction at 25oC? 11 CO(g) + 23 H2(g) --> C11H24(l) + 11 H2O(l)

A 0.009298-mol sample of an organic compound was burned in oxygen in a bomb calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter increased from 23.7oC to 27.1oC. If the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 4.84 kJ (oC)-1, then what is the constant volume heat of combustion of this ...

Use dimensional analysis to determine the pressure, P, in the pipe to within a dimen- sionless multiplicative constant of order 1.(Hint: P may depend on another physical variable besides A and R.) Using your result from part (a), reexpress your answer in a form that involves v...

Use the formula F=kQ1Q2/r^2. Q1+Q2=200*10^-6 C 200*10^-6 C - Q1=Q2 substitute Q2 into the top formula and solve the equation.

Physics-half way fin.
A person was shot vertically upward from a cannon with a mass 52 kg and a speed of 35 m/s. a) what was the height according to conservation of energy and b) what was the person's total energy? (TME never changes!) a) used TMEo=TMEf height= 63 m. b.)Would I use PE=mgh

Physics-check plz
If a pitcher throws a fast ball with a speed of 35 m/s. The ball has a mass of 220 grams. a) how much work was done in throwing the ball? b) If the catcher catches the ball by moving his mitt 15 cm. backward what force did he exert? a.) Throwing the ball in a positive ...

AlgebraII( Probability)
1)a number less than 35 is chosen. 2)A prime number is chosen. 3) A multiple of 4 is chosen. 4)A perfect cube is chosen. Please help me.

Refrigerators requires a lot of electricity and uses the most electrical energy in most households. Why do refrigerators require so much energy to be operated?

Personal Dimensions of Education

Grace painted 1/3 of the wall. Sarah painted 2/5 of the wall. How much of the wall have grace and sarah painted ?

d. Singapore is a major manufacturer of computer hard drives. Just took the test.

Algebra 2
Ans: a. the matrix will have the same signs of the coefficients of the equations.

arithmetic sequences
the initial game costs 50 cents. ANS= 50 + 25x = 50 + 25(9) = $2.75

physical science
45mph*5280ft/mi*1m/3.2808ft*1hr/3600s speed limit= 20.12 m/s the speed limit is less than the speed of the car. yes, the car exceeded the speed limit.


Anyone please help(math)
Question 1: ANS: a. 7 Question 2: ANS: a. 4 Question 3: ANS: d. 3

The ratio of men to women at a lecture is 2 to 5. A total of 63 people are at the lecture. How many are men?

Early Childhood Education
b. fit into natural daily routines.

Early Childhood Education
When designing IFSP objectives, its useful to parents to think of skills that a. are short and easy. b. fit into natural daily routines. c. are most useful in promoting ambulation. d. are taught in isolation to maximize chances of progress.

1. The world population in 1992 is 5.42 billion. If its population doubled every a. 41 years, what would its population be in 41 years? b. 41 years, what would its population be in 82 years? c. 82 years, what would its population be in 164 years?

i got that but i was not sure about b)b. How long do you have before you must act or have your pond covered with the plants?

The area covered by water lilies in a pond you own doubles in size every day. If allowed to grow the plants would cover the entire pond surface in 30 days. You had decided to do nothing until the pond is ½ covered. a. On what day will the pond be ½ covered? b. ...

so i am doing a satirical essay , similar to that of swift's modest proposal.I want to talk about obesity, and i have an idea of showing it in a positive way, as in some nations in the past and present being chubby/fat is seen as prosperity and success.What kind of ...

What natural zone are each of these cities or areas in? Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Santa Monica Mountains, Catalina, San Francisco, Yosemite --choices are-sierra transitional zone, humid transitional zone,upper sonoran, lower snoran, redwood belt, grasslands,and mountains

science.please help!
Would you expect to find the humid transitional zones on the coast or inland? Northern or Southern part of California?

Environmental Science
Would you expect to find the humid transitional zones on the coast or inland? Northern or Southern part of California?

Physical Science
36.5 lbs

Physical science
Vf=Vi+gt Vf= final velocity (what we're solving for) Vi= initial velocity (in our problem, initial velocity is zero because the rock starts from rest) g=gravitational acceleration (9.8m/s/s) t= time (in our case, 3.5s) Vf= 0m/s + (9.8m/s/s)(3.5s) Vf= 34.3m/s downward (you ...

Early Childhood Education
Which of the following should not account for rapid gain in overall brain size after birth. a. number of neurons b.swelling due to rapid muscle growth c. The growth of dendrite trees d. myelinization I chose answer a.

Early Childhood Education
A needs and services plan is a. written by a pediatrician b. only for infants and toddlers with special needs c.a plan discussed by parents and caregivers upon entry into an infant-toddler program d. a formal plan to serve children that is made by the program and a regulating ...

A 20.9 g sample of nitrogen gas combines completely with 4.5 g of hydrogen gas to form ammonia. What is the mass of ammonia formed? A 12.7 g sample of X combines with a 24.4 g sample of Y to form the compound XY2. What is the mass of the reactants?

thank you so much steve

K is the midpoint of JL JL=4x-2 and JK=7. find x, KL, and JL. Very confused , can you please show steps to working out the problem

algebra 2
A rubber ball is thrown 20 feet into the air. If it rebounds 3/5 of the height, how far will it have traveled after the fifth bounce?


1: él está jugando a las cartas. 2: Mis amigos juegan fútbol. 3: Tienen prisa 4:Toco la guitara

How a lack of nutrients in the soil can affect plant growth?

No, liquid manure.

find the derivative of the following: 3x^2 ln(2x) e^2x ln√x+3 please try and show few steps and laws of logarithmics.

Consider this pathway: signaling ligand ¨ G protein-coupled receptor ¨ G protein ¨ adenylyl cyclase ¨ cAMP. Identify the second messenger. Answer: A)G protein B)GTP C)adenylyl cyclase D)cAMP

Use the Evaluation Theorem to find the exact value of the integral ç^6 2 2x+1dx 1) What is the antiderivative? 2)What is theupper and lower limit? 3) Give final answer.

Mickey went to Donald Dee's to buy 75 milkshakes for his party. Each milkshake cost the same integer amount of cents. In total, Mickey spent at least $124.00 on milkshakes. What is the smallest possible cost (in cents) of a milkshake?

Raj and Vikram are two travelers in ancient India, walking along the Silk road. On the first day of travel, Raj travels 5 yojanas, and on each successive day travels 3 yojanas more than the previous day. Vikram started at the same place and travels the same path, but started 5...

calculus optimization problem
by cutting away identical squares from each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard and folding up the resulting flaps, an open box may be made. if the cardboard is 30 inches long and 14 inches wide find the dimensions of the box that will yield the maximum volume.

4x√(2x^2 + 2x - 1). find first derivative

find the first derivative: 4xsqrt2x^2+2x-1.

us history
How much did Coney Island pay to have the escalator?

I have 5 friends. I bought three pizzas (all the same size). One was divided into 4 equal parts, the 2nd was divided into 6 equal parts and the 3rd pizza was divided into 8 equal parts. Is there any way I can show how to share these pieces so that each of of us gets the same ...

In American roulette where there are 38 numbers, how many possible outcomes can you have if you bet on an odd number?

what are the limitations on practical interstellar travel for both manned and unmanned craft and what are some proposed ways to deal with them in the future?

structurlal design 2
It's B. Undersized joists.Just did the test!

world geography
1 is (A. are heavily impacted by human activity. ) Just took the test!

Name three problems that can arise when data becomes mixed up.

How can you protect your computer from fires, dust extreme temperature and power surges?

Explanation of the digestion of protein in the human body.

The intermediate answers from some calculations based on whole number scores are X=4.3467892 and Y=3.3333. We now want to find X(2)+Y(2). After rounding, what values of X and Y do we use?

midterm review scavenger hunt funsheet
water moves in bursts

A survey of drivers in the United States found that 15% never use a cell phone while driving. Suppose that drivers arrive at random at an auto inspection station. a. If the inspector checks 10 drivers, what is the probability that at least one driver never uses a cell phone ...

math using rule 78
a loan for $400 is to be paid off in 66 months witha payment of $11.62 The borrowee pays it off in 18 months use rule 78 to find the interest saved

The correct answer is 48 parts.xD

If a business borrows $15,000 and repays $20,700 in 4 years, what is the simple interest rate?

intrest rates
If the principal P = $500, the interest I = $100, and the rate r = 10%, find the following. (a) What is the time? years (b) What is the future value?

Social Studies
Ms Sue I am not getting on to the website.

Social Studies
What are some importance and reasons for monuments and forts in guyana?

college math
A $8700 personal loan at 5.5% compounded monthly is to be repaid over a 4 year term by equal monthly payments. a) calculate the interest and principle component of the 18th payment b) how much interest will be paid in the third year of the loan?

college math
A $8700 personal loan at 5.5% compounded monthly is to be repaid over a 4 year term by equal monthly payments. a) calculate the interest and principle component of the 18th payment b) how much interest will be paid in the third year of the loan?

college math
a math student borrowed $9300.00 from his local bank at 7% compounded quarterly to pay for his studies. the loan is to be repaid by equal payments at the end of every quarter over a two year term. a)construct the amortization schedule for the loan. b)calculate the total interest.

Thanks Jennifer!!!!!

[2a + 3b] [2a - 3b. May you please explain the steps if you can.

Name one feed and feeding system in pig rearing.

What are some computer work related disorders?


Geography(Eighth Grade)
they felt unhappy, Columbus would tell them to look for gold and if they didn't find any then hell cut their hand or fingers off

PHI 103
construct an argument that supports Mary's decision to steal the food or an argument that shows why Mary should not steal the food.

inspection process
Architect. That's the correct answer . Just did the test!

COmbination of nahco3andhcl what is before,after,mixture, and change?

Thank you Brooke!!!!

Thanks alot Ms. Sue thanks!!!!

Give a definition of an uncountable and a countable nouns and examples PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Thank YOU Ms. Sue

Is everything else ok?

Oh! sorry I was typing fast.....I didn't notice. I'll change it to continent. Thanks :)

Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop? My Answer: In my opinion, the most pressing problem would have to be the management of poverty. South America is a huge ...

Math-find roots
1.One root of each equation below is the same for both equations. what is this root? a.3x^4 + 14x^3 + 8x^2=0 b.18x^4 - 50x^2=0 2. Find the other roots of each equation in question 1

What were the special characteristics of the population of Virginia in the seventeenth century and what accounted for them?

cultual studies
Analyze and interpret the following quotation: “Worldwide, non-Western cultures faced fundamental challenges to their cultural identities—not so much a recentering of culture but a decentering of culture” (Sayre, 2010, p.419).

factoring math
factor -16sin^2a+81

Social Studies
List 2 reasons why people abuse cocaine. Explain 2 consequences of abusing cocaine.

Ten different numbers are ordered from least to greatest. The median of the numbers is 12. Three additional numbers are added to the group: 8, 15, and 16. What is the resulting effect on the median?

What are 2 disadvantages and advantages of a free range or extensive system?

write 225% as a decimal?

Social Studies
How can minerals as a resource be utilized to contribute to economic development?

Reading readiness of preschoolers from an impoverished neighborhood (n=20) was measured using a standardized test. Nationally, the mean on this test for preschoolers is 30.9 with SD=2.08. A) Children below the 30th percentile (in the bottom 30%) are in need of special ...

The second answer is wrong!!!

A pipe of constant diameter d = 10.5 cm carries water up a hill h = 38.1 m high. How much pressure is required at the bottom of the hill if the water is to reach the top? Any help would be great

Re post water in tanks problem
Nope, still wrong :(

Re post water in tanks problem
you mean tank b?

Re post water in tanks problem
A./_\ B.\_/ C.|_| The three tanks shown above are filled with water to an equal depth. All the tanks have an equal height. Tank A has the greatest surface area at the bottom, tank B the least and tank C the middle. (Select T-True, F-False, G-Greater than, L-Less than, E-Equal ...

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