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Which pair of fractions is proportional? 0.6/0.3 = 9/4.5 0.6/0.3 = 9/4.8 0.6/0.3 = 8.4/4.5 0.6/0.3 = 8.4/4.8 I'm assuming that I figured these wrong, because I found that none of these were proportional. Please help

We often "contract" or shorten words in English. For example, we may say "he's" instead of "he is". Note that we usually insert an apostrophe (') in place of the missing letter or letters in writing. Here are some example sentences: I ...

Thanks, that helped a great deal.

Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27 Thank you

Add 3.03 + (–2.05) Thank you

On April 2, 2003, the high temperature in the United Stateswas recorded as 94°F in Wink, Texas. The low temperature for the day was 23°F, recorded in both Deadhorse and Northway, Alaska (at 4°F, Presque Isle, Maine, recorded the lowest temperature in the ...

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state of Oregon was54°F (in Seneca, on February 10, 1933). The state’s record high temperature occurred in Pendleton on August 10, 1898, when it reached 119°F. What is the historical temperature range in the state of...

2/3 over 10 equals 1.8/r solve for r. (2/3)/10 = 1.8r. First, invert and multiply the denominator; i.e.,10. (2/3)*(1/10) = 1.8/r 2/30 = 1.8/r Now cross multiply. 2r = 30*1.8 2r = 54 Now divide both sides by 2 2r/2 = 54/2 r = 27 check my thinking. check my work.

A railing for a deck requires pieces of redwood 4 ft 9 in., 13 ft 9 in., and 4 ft 3 in. long. What is the total length of material that is needed? A)

If $3,000.00 is deposited into an account paying 4% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years? (Round to the nearest cent.) A)

Approximately 3 out of every 10 students at Greg's college live on campus. The college has 6,000 students. How many of them live on campus? A)

Doing the same test the correct answer is B they try not to use oxygen because it can cause more damage.

Statistica tests
What are some basic statistical tests that can be used to analyze variability in a specific set of repeated measurements? It really depends on the nature of the data. The binomial test, and z test are often used. It really depends on the nature of the data. The binomial test, ...

A coffee merchant has coffee beans that sell for $9 per pound and $12 per pound. The two types are to be mixed to create 100 lb of a mixture that will sell for $11.25 per pound. How much of each type of bean should be used in the mixture? I am trying to figure the equation for...

egypt mummification
uhh yeah scarabs. are we all in 6th grade???

help me for this stupid worksheet
does anyone have a scanned copy of this worksheet available for me? Thank you! Sandy

Jewelry markings
.925 silver jewelry that looks gold is usually Vermeil pronounced VairMay. This is a gold over silver.

Jewelry markings
what if my earrings look gold but have925 on them?

7th grade science help
why is the process that takes place in mitochondria often describe as being the opposite of the process that takes place in a chloroplast? Chloroplasts produce ATP. Mitochondria consune ATP in the production of protines. The mitochondria are NOT the site of protein synthesis. ...

Business (fraud)
My business class required me to read Joseph T. Wells' article "So That's Why It's Called a Pyramid Scheme" and make a speech to talk about the implication and personal comments on the article. The discussion focus on fraud. I have difficulty to come up ...

index is off by 23.75% to 10511.65. where was the index at the beginning of the year?

If you have a recipe for 36 cookies and you want to change the recipe and only make 24 cookies, how much sugar would I need? amout of sugar in 36 cookie recipe x (24/36)=??

help me unscramble "abiallorona"

Urgent everything
Answer as many possible please! 12X13+167-34X56X47= What does bipartite graph mean? When was Judy Blume born? How is 2 negative 1 equals 0? Is Sheila a german name? Thats some hard questions for a year four like me.PLEASE HELP ME Here's a link to help you with your Judy ...

abit of everythingURGENTDUETOMORROW
malevolent is to kind as miserly is to infant is to child as teenager is to flower is to biology as acid is to delineate is to outline as evaluate is to mildew is to plant as dugong is to ostler is to horse as______is to ____ sheep____ first public performance of a play ...

urgent!!!words questions dued tomorrow
Each phase is an anagram of a country and it's capital city. 1.CHEESE GARNET 2.OSSARIUM COWS 3.RARE NAUTICAL ARABS 4.SAVE UNITARIAN 5.ROYAL ITEM If don't know all still tell me what you know.HURRYHURRYHURRY... The first and last are in southern Europe, bordering the ...

urgent!!!words questions
I have alot of questions here but you don't have to answer them all but please help me!They are due on 24/6/05. The male of mare? The citizens of Paris,Netherlands,New Zealand or Malta? The collection name for cattle,wolves,lions,elephants or whales? What animal make a ...

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