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  1. Math

    How do you solve this? I have tryed so many times and can not get the right answer. (1.65-1.05)^2/0.4+0.8 The answer is suppose to be 1.7 but everytime I do the problem i don't get anything near that answer. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Algebra

    Hello, need help in finding the slope for this question(0,-9) and (-4,0) thanks sally
  3. world history

    How did the Reformation in England effect the colonization of the New World?
  4. physics

    What vector represents the displacement of a person who walks 15 km at 45 degrees south of east, then 30 km due west?
  5. AP Statistics

    A. .0251 B. .0020 C. None
  6. Math

    The class average on a math quiz was 74 and the standard deviation was 6.8. Find the z-score for a test score of 82.
  7. math

    f(x)=xsquared+10 and g(x)= square root of x-1 and i have to figure out g(f(-3) i just don't know how to do it because i thought you could not have a negitive under a radical?
  8. art

    i need a photo of an animal, I can't think of any animal, please send some pictures!
  9. English

    In the book To Kill A Mocking Bird why does Mayella also represent a mocking bird. Who in todays society can be looked upon as a mocking bird?
  10. math

    because if you think about it if you double 3 that is 6 and if you take half of 8 that is 4 and your answer to 24 divided by 6 is 4 im not sure if this helps but that's all i got=]
  11. Ap world history

    well i started writing a thesis statement but im not sure if it is correct? i wrote: During the classical period Han and Roman attitudes towards technology were self glorifying, however, the Han had a more unified and was more to the common people, where, Rome had an ...
  12. Ap world history

    How do i write a thesis statement for analyze the Han and Roman attitudes towards technology? Or can i get one to use?
  13. math

    the mean is an average of the data and do you mean the median? not medium?
  14. communications

    Does anybody know what an eletronic version of a print ad is? I have an idea, but I am not sure if I am correct
  15. analogies

    ring is to sting as brick is to waht?
  16. french

    ms.sue please help
  17. french

    Dont copié formé thé book oh ya don't copié formé thé book cause you Oiil inde up being triste soi remembré not toi copié frome thé book oh ya! translation in english please!
  18. Ms.Sue

    Thank you very much.
  19. communication

    I just need to find out, were can I find any info on how doe the media influence or affect children. I need the history and the controversy and identify the major conflicting points of view
  20. communications

    I am looking for any article to help me with that question.
  21. communications

    Next, you will explain the nature and history of the controversy and identify the major conflicting points of view in the discussion on how Does media influence or effect children. I am having trouble finding what I need.
  22. science

    what is the connection between native americans and federal government
  23. Medical Transcription

    What is the main difference between a stem cell and a cancer cell?
  24. 5th Grade Math

    Oh by the way they start at the same time..
  25. 5th Grade Math

    The chapter was about finding the LCM which in this case is 40. But I thought since the first time around it takes him 8 minutes, then the 2nd time would be 16 minutes. It would take him 5 trips to equal 40 and Isaiah 4 trips. But Nick's time is still beter than Isaiah.
  26. 5th Grade Math

    Nick and Isaiah both run a mile. Nick runs in 8 minutes and Isaiah runs it in 10 minutes. How long would it take Nick to run pass Isaiah for a second time. I think the answer is 16 mintues. The LCM =40
  27. Physics Help!

    Thank you so much guys!!!
  28. Physics Help!

    Sorry I've tried 3 different ways to answer this and all have been wrong, please help me out! The moment of inertia of a 1.1 kg bicycle wheel rotating about its center is 0.15 kg*m^2 What is the radius of this wheel, assuming the weight of the spokes can be ignored?
  29. Earth Scince

    Can crude oil burn in the Earth if it comes in contact with magma?
  30. math

    how do i label histogram showing number of years leading NFL passers played in NFL
  31. Us History

    The americans claimed to fight for liberty and freedom. how did these ideals make women and enslaved africans question their positions in society?
  32. Algebra 1

    I already knew to do that i need you to write an INEQUALITY
  33. Algebra 1

    Write and solve an inequality. SOLVING MULTI- STEP INEQUALITIES On a trip from Virginia to Florida, the Sampson family wants to travel at least 420 miles in 8 hours of driving. What must be their average rate of speed?
  34. math

    why and what graph would i use for number of points darren scored for his basketball team each year he played
  35. math

    why would i use a bar graph to show the miles of coastline of westernmost california coasts
  36. 5th grade

    what graph do i use to show miles of coastline of westernmost california counties
  37. science

    what factors should be kept constant when comparing your weight from mars to earth
  38. Physics

    The acceleration of a certain rocket is given by ax=bt where b is positive constant, find the position and velocity at t=5.0s if Xo=0 and Vo=0 and b=3.0m/s^3?
  39. physics

    The acceleration of a certain rocket is given by a=bt where b is positive cnstant, find the position function Xo and Vo at t=o?
  40. Language Arts

    What is a good HOOK or eyecatcher for this topic? Topic: The importance of Computers in school.

    ugh I think we got the same packet! I need help too

    pc's suck :)

    for one thing it is cran-grape, mister. secondly, playstation kills xbox. the end :) oh and i'm the nicest girl ever. i mean, come on, my name is sally :D

    the answer is shut up. muahahahaha
  45. business

  46. mathmatics

    range is the difference between the largest number and the smallest number in a set of data, for example: 5, 7, 3, 9, 4 the larget number is 9 the smallest number is 3 9-3=6 so, the range is 6
  47. math

    okay, I think I get it, thanks
  48. math

    what exactly are integers?
  49. math

  50. math

    are negative numbers rational?
  51. ALGEBRA 1

    first, subtract 2/3 from both sides, so you end up with y= 1/12
  52. NJ ASK

  53. NJ ASK

    does anyone know if there is a website I can go to to view my NJ ASK 7 scores?
  54. math

    Business and finance. Julio works as a quality control expert in a beverage factory. The assembly line that he monitors produces about 20,000 bottles in a 24-hour period. Julio samples about 120 bottles an hour and rejects the line if he finds more than 1/50 of the sample to ...
  55. math

    Business and finance. Lunch meat sells for about $3 per pound. You use about 1/2 pound per day for sandwiches. How much should you budget for lunch meat over the next month (about 20 workdays)? =$30.00?
  56. math

  57. math

    17 11/12 / 6 1/10 = 343/366?
  58. Math 115

    by dividing 13 into 11 like the web site showed
  59. Math 115

    9/11 - 3/11 + 7/11=13/11 which is improper so the answer is 1 1/11?
  60. Functions

    Oh, ok, I see. Thank you.
  61. Functions

    State the domain and range of each function. Justify your answer a) y=1/(x+5) b) y=√1-2x I know how to do domain and range, but I don't remember what shapes these form. It's not parabolas, is it? Then, to justify them, I need to draw them, so that's why I ...
  62. College Algebra 2

    The number of tickets sold each day for an upcoming performance of Handel's messiah is given by N (x) = 0.4x^2 + 11.2x + 12 where x is the number of days since the concert was first announced. when will daily tickets sales peak and how many tickets will be sold that day?
  63. college

    find the x- and y- intercepts f(x)= 25x^2+10x+1
  64. Bussiness

    1)PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT. Assume that you have four (4) people from various department available part time to support the full-time Human Resources person, Terry, on the project. Assume that Terry’s hourly rate is $40. Two people form the Information Technology ...
  65. Bussiness

    Here are three parts 1)PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT. a. Assume that you have four (4) people from various department available part time to support the full-time Human Resources person, Terry, on the project. Assume that Terry’s hourly rate is $40. Two people form the ...
  66. Bussiness

    ABC Company has 50,000 employees at it headquarters. The company wants to increase employee productivity by setting up internal software application training program for it employees. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software programs such us ...
  67. chemistry

    A scientist has 0.46 mL of a solution. How would she convert this volume to microliters?
  68. psy 230

    I believe culture has a huge impact on a personality. your born into into your culture and with that you grow up and you use your custom and religion. and your parent dress you a certain way right when you are born. your speech will be in a certain manner because of your ...
  69. eth 125

    i need a connection between native americans and the federal government
  70. Math

    A company purchases a new delivery truck for $20,000 the truck is expected to have a useful life of 90,000 miles before replacement,and a salvage value of $2,000.In its first year the truck was driven 22,000 miles and a further 19,000 miles in year two.what is the depreciation...
  71. Math

    A delivery truck is purchased for $38,000 has a salvage value of $6,000 and is depreciated using MACRS.what is the first-year depreciation expense?
  72. Math

    Write the standard for of the equation of the circle that passes through the points at (0,8),(8,0),and (16,8). Then identify the center and radius of the circle.
  73. Math

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that is tangent to x=-2 and has its center at(2,-4).
  74. Math

    Find the product 2(cos10degree+isin 10degree).4(cos20degree+isin20degree).Then express the result in rectangular form.
  75. Math

    Express 3/8a^3y^5 using rational exponents.
  76. math

    how does that help me find prime factorization?
  77. math

    how do you find prime factorization?
  78. Maths

    if x=-3, then y=-3, not zero: y=-3^2-6-3 y=6-6-3 y=-3 Does this make sense? if x=1, then y=0, you are correct: y=1^2+2-3 y=1+2-3 y=3-3 y=0 Does this make sense? Hope this helps!! :-)
  79. communications

    Does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs place our social needs at the top level
  80. Math

    Use the Law of Sines to solve triangle ABC when a=1.43,b=4.21,and A=30.4 degrees. If no solution exists, rite none.
  81. Geometry

    What is the hypothesis of the statement below? If two triangles are isosceles right triangles,then they are similar.
  82. Business math

    A firm has $200,000 in total assets and $120,000 in owner's equity. What is the total liabilities? A.$80,000 B.$200,000 C.$320,000 D.Cannot be determined from the information given.
  83. Business

    A firm has $200,000 in total asset and $120,000 in owner's equity. What are the total liabilities?
  84. phyiscs

    Why is an antenna designed to be one-half of the wavelength of the wave it is supposed to receive? In my book all it says is that the voltage is larger when the antenna is 1/2 the wavelength of the wave.
  85. Physics

    7. Two metal spheres are suspended from insulating threads. A negatively charged rod is brought near these spheres. One sphere is pushed away from the rod and the other is attracted toward it. Describe the behavior of the spheres. SOLUTION: ----> {Metal sphere attracted to ...
  86. Physics

    Why does a piece of iron behave like a temporary magnet when placed in a magnetic field? SOLUTION: Iron consists of many small magnetic domains which all line up and temporarily behave like an ordinary magnet when iron is placed in an external magnetic field. IS this right?
  87. physics

    Current passing through a conductor is increased from 10 A to 15 A. This decreases the strength of the magnetic field produced by the conductor. True The direction of the force on doubly ionized helium atoms (alpha particles) moving at right angles to a magnetic field is ...
  88. physics

    10. How much current is required to produce a force of 0.96 N on a 75 cm long wire oriented at right angles to a 0.24 T magnetic field? A. 0.050 A B. 0.17 A C. 5.3 A D. 0.19 A 5.3 A (<--- (0.96)/((75.0e-2)*(0.24)) )
  89. physics

    What is the direction of the force acting on a current-carrying conductor lying in a magnetic field? A. It is in a direction opposite to the direction of the magnetic field. B. It is at angles to the direction of the current. C. It is at right angles to both the direction of ...
  90. adult education

    The lifetimes of lightbulbs of a particular type are normally distributed with a mean of 290 hours and a standard deviation of 6 hours. What percentage of the bulbs have lifetimes that lie within 1 standard deviation to either side of the mean?
  91. physics

    A 0.050-m-long wire is carrying a current of 2.0 A at right angles to a 0.15-T magnetic field. What is the magnitude of the force exerted by the magnetic field on the wire? A. 0.015 N B. 0.0037 N C. 0.67 N D. 6.0 N It's A right? 0.05*2*0.15
  92. MS. Sue

    Thank you again.
  93. communication

    What role does perception play in interpersonal communication?
  94. uop

    How many riders would there have to be on a bus to yield (a) a 50 percent probability that at least two will have the same birthday? (b) A 75 percent probability? Hint: Use LearningStats.
  95. math

    find the 19th term to: 4,6,8,10
  96. Webkinz

    Do u have webkinz teel me your username for the website so we can be friends
  97. Science

    How do you get a stem of a flower to support the petals for a science model?
  98. Health

    Should i do a model of the human mouth
  99. Health

    What kind of project should i do on the human mouth
  100. Physics

    1. What evidence did ancient Greek astronomers have that Earth does NOT move? The answer is because of the lack of parallax, but then there's a follow-up question... 2. How do we knoew it DOES?
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