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A banana turning brown when exposed to air is an example of. And the options for me are. A heterogeneous mixture, vaporization, a chemical change, an amorphous solid.


earth science
If the earth was made 4.5 billion years ago, how comes we don't have any craters or rocks from that time?

What are the six types of simple machines?

social studies
How does earth climate change and tectonics plates impact Latin Americans inhabitats

Pump A can fill a swimming pool in 6 hours and pump B can fill the same pool in 4 hours. The two pumps began working together to fill an empty pool, but after 40 minutes pump B broke down, and pump A had to complete the job alone. The pool was scheduled to open 4 hours after ...

The area of a rectangle is 32 square units. Its sides have integral lengths. Find the probability that its perimeter is greater than 30 units.

In a combination reaction, 2.22 g of Magnesium is heated with 3.75 g of Nitrogen a) which reactant is present in excess? b) how many moles of product are formed? c) after reaction, how many grams of each reactant and product are present?