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5th grade math
Following up Claire's answer, you need to know how many digits are in the decimal part of the number (ie to the right of the decimal point. eg. if you had 0.25 for example that would be 2 tenths + 5 hundredths (or 25/100) . This would then cancel to a quarter (1/4) as both...

Hi nikol, The answer to this problem is : 82.406 The method is quite difficult to explain here but it is a logical type of thinking involved. Most of the data you need is within the question but it's a matter of sifting what you need out!

Hi Anna. Didn't have the time to actually answer the question that you wanted answering but i thought i'd direct you to a very good website that would give you a re-cap about Parabolas if that is ok. It is: Parabolas Lessons 1 to 4 by Jack Sarfaty. You should find Jack...