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if brazil got 11401 internet subscribers (1000s) and 67510 internet users (1000s)and world got 518600 internet subscribers and 1544854 internet users what is the formula to find internet users per subscriber (average) and internet users as percentage of world users for Brazil.

Math help
Calculate the average mathematical gradient of a slope that rises 450m over a horizontal distance of 1.8 km.

In the summer of 2008 the population of cuckoos in an area was estimated as 560 pairs. If the numbers returning are declining at 4% each year, calculate (a) the number of pairs of cuckoos in the area in the summer of 2009; (b) the number of pairs of cuckoos in the area in the ...

computer science
Assuming that a typical popular music CD comprises 12 songs each of 8500 KB, what would the effective transmission speed need to be capped at in order to extend the download time to 2 hours? Express your final answer in bits per second, using scientific notation correct to two...

Math help
Ormeau Park in Belfast has an area of about 25 cm2 on the same map. Calculate the area of the park on the ground. Give your answer in km2, correct to 2 significant figures

We estimate that today c.89% of homes can readily get a 2Mbps (or higher) broadband service from cable, ADSL or wireless means. This means that c.11%, or about 2.75m, homes cannot readily get a 2 Mbps (or higher) broadband service today. We believe the main reasons that ...

The value of an index-linked pension is updated each September using the RPI. In September 2007 the pension paid £265. Calculate the value of the pension in September 2008. The value of the RPI was 208.0 in September 2007 and 218.4 in September 2008