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The length of time, t (in seconds), it takes the pendulum of a clock to swing through one complete cycle is a function of the length of the pendulum in feet. Defined by: t = f(L) = 2pi sqrt L/32 A.Rewrite the formula using fractional exponents. B.Determine the length of the ...

85/2.8=30.36 secs. to travel straight across. in the time he would have end up (30.36 x 1.6) = 48.57 m. downstream so now you can sketch a right triangle, 85 m. north/south, south 48.57 m. "upstream" on the far bank. (a) angle to row = 48.57/85 = 0.57 deg, west of ...

The four relations are reprinted below: A) y= -2x+34 B) y= -x/3-10 C) y= - (absoulute value of 3x) D) y= (x-2)squared What order will result in a final output of 2 when the first input is 8?

AP Biology
In the exponential model of population growth, does the growth rate remain constant, decine, or rise and then decline? I have researched this and I believe it to be rise then decline, but I am not really sure.

geometry proofs
given ABC is a triangle. Ad is the altitude to BC. Ad biscects angle BAC. Prove: Ad is the median to BC

slope algebra
given ab and its midpoint m. the coordinates of a are (-10,-3) and the coordinates of M are (-4,-1) a. find the coordinates of B. b. find the slope of am. c. find the slope that is perpendicular d. find the slope that is parallel e . write the equation of AM answers. please ...

geo (finals)
Sorry, but I got lost here... I let the points be A(p, ?), B(q, ?) and C(r, ?) ^what does this? I then followed the definition of finding midpoints. Don't you add up the x values , then divide by 2 , to get the x of the midpoint?

geo (finals)
wait what? I'm a bit confused here. so (4,3) would be on CB? whats does corresponding x mean? and how did x appear?