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The weights of divya and himanshu are in the ratio of 5:7. If himanshu weights 28 kg , find the weight of divya

A typist types 70 pages in 3 hours 30 minutes how long will she take to type 300 pages

Procedure to find Product in simplest form 8X5/6 4X1/4 22X13/33 6X1 7/8 8X4/27 110X21/66

A rectangular field is 100m by 80 m.find the ratio:length to its breadth Breadth to its perimeter

angle of elevation of two ships from the top of the lighthouse and on the same side are fond to be 45&30 dreege respectively if the ship is 200m apart find the height of the lighthouse

' I am giving this information to the best of my knowledge '. Is this sentence grammatically correct ?

6th grade math
A bag of fetilizer that weighs 18 3/4 pounds can cover 5000 sq feet. how many pounds of fetilizer will be needed to cover 27,000 square feet? how many bags of fertilizer are needed? explain how you found your answer

6th grade math
6 1/2-7/8 / 5 11/16 evaluate the expresson

M says that every number in the nineties is composite.J says that one number in the nineties is prime. who is correct?

who belived that the land treaties with the united states were fair to native americans? a. william conner b. tecumseh c. Tenskwatawa d. William henry harrison

why the united states is an example of a civilization?

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