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b) 10^7 / lamda*(wavelength in nm)

IV for A

MS Office Suite
Is there a place that walks a user through only the new features of the latest one? I just want to have some idea of only what has changed.

MS Office Suite
I am familiar with Excel 2007. I just got the news that I will be expected to use Excel 2010 instead. What are some of the differences between Excel 2007 and 2010? Were there many changes between those two editions? If someone has used both versions, do you have a preference ...

MGT 460 Leadership Priorities & Practice
does not suggest that Catherine goes to see every romantic comedy that plays at her local movie theate

how many tablespoons of sugar salt baking soda and sand does it take to dissolve in one cup of water

Two cassettes and three cd's cost $175 while four cassettes and one cd cost $125. 1)Given that one cassette cost $x and one cd cost $y,write two equations in x and y to represent this information. 2)Calculate the cost of one cassette.

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