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if you need 11.2 kg of N2H4 how many grams of H2O2 will be needed?


1- 4/5 2- irrational 3- 8.3333.... and square root 25 4- square root 7 and 8.070070007 5- square root 60 You'll get a 100%

1- B 2- A 3- D 4 - B 100% ;)

A survey found that 36% of students still enjoy doing research in a library. A random sample of 326 students showed that 105 of them will continue to go to library. If the critical value is -1.65 what is your decision.

Social Studies
Hello!! can someone please explain to me the cause and effect of white supremacy?? thank you!!

Hi if you know about static electricity can you explain how lightning strikes form? Can you think about when lightning occurs to formulate your answer to my question please. Thank you so much!!!

No your wrong thanks to you "all of you are wrong" I got a 8/16 thanks so much

Miss P is right

math Help
Yeah Henry is right I just did the test and got a 100% nice

I feel terribly sorry for some of the library books that I've seen today. They are in such disrepair... People have carelessly drawn upon them or have heartlessly torn them apart. It's truly piteous. I guess not many people cherish books these days. How about now?

Hmmmm.. how about now. Perhaps it's a bit more clearer? If you have any ideas on how else I can change this sentence please help. "I feel terribly sorry for some of the library books out there...In such disrepair. Carelessly drawn upon and heartlessly torn apart... ...

I changed it to "I feel terribly sorry for all the library books in such disrepair...Carelessly drawn upon and heartlessly torn apart... truely piteous...Not many people cherish literature these days." Not paragraph, it just says to respond it in a few clear ...

Hi I need help creating an small English sentence response.This is what I wrote please help I feel terribly sorry for all the library books out there. They are in such disrepair..Carelessly drawn upon and torn heartlessly. No one has even considered repairing it. Honestly......

The suspect (looked) as though he knew more then he was letting on. 1 point transitive verb intransitive verb linking verb auxiliary verb i think its linking verb

D B B It's a 100% just did it

Here's another way to look at it. Suppose you want to borrow $100,000. You choose a 30-year fixed rate loan at 7.5%, and pay one discount point ($1,000), a 1% origination fee ($1,000), and $350 in other fees. Although the lender is giving you a loan for $100,000, you have ...

if the ratio is 1 to 6 of books sally chose and the total of books is 80 what is the amount sally chose

Human Services
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you identify the following: • The range of problems facing human services clients • The specific helping skills that can be used with clients

look it up on MathWay it can help ya will mostly every math question

D A C B This is the Practice Test for Connectios Lesson 9: Operations and Applictions of Scientific Notation Trust me I just did it got a 100% so you picked/said these are the right ones then good job :3

Personal Finance

LOL, well doesn't that beat it all? I did a search so I know the two words go together, however the search does not explain to me what I need. Thanks for the help anyway.

What exactly is political composition? I need to do a powerpoint on the "decade of greed" basically Reagan and the 80's. I have searched and searched to no avail... please help, and thanks.

i need help writing poems