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1.Two trolleys X and Y with momenta 20 Ns and 12 Ns respectively travel along a straight line in opposite directions before collision. After collision the directions of motion of both trolleys are reversed and the magnitude of the momentum of X is 2 Ns. What is the magnitude ...

1My car is plaful 2. when he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees, he lost his money 3. These are great new indeed, I can't believe I made it 4. When I was young I used to love playing with dolls 5. She is an energetic women. 6. I'm going home now how I ...

(1.96)(19.08) divided by square root 52

Plz help me balance this chemical eqn H2C2O4.2H2O+KMnO4 ---->

What are the oxidizing agents for Formic acid and Ferrous ammonium sulphate?

i don't need help with the spreadsheet. i don't understand some of the questions most of them are not answered

Instructions: create a chart of Pre history by arranging the characteristics listed below into the cultural periods of Prehistory, oldest at the bottom and most recent at the top, as follows: Lower Paleolithic at the bottom, then middle Paleolithic, upper Paleolithic and ...