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If you fire a paper clip straight up into the air with a rubber band, its height (in feet) above your hand time t seconds is given by: h = 64t - 16t^2. 1) How long does it take the paper clip to reach its maximum height? 2) If your hand is 6 feet above the ground at "...

One number is 4 more than 3 times another. Four times the larger decreased by 5 times the smaller is equal to the smaller subtracted from 32. Find the numbers.

Katie said negative numbers are intergers. What was her error

A traffic light hangs from a pole as shown in the figure(Figure 1) . The uniform aluminum pole AB is 7.50 long and has a mass of 15.0 . The mass of the traffic light is 23.5 . Determine the tension in the horizontal massless cable CD. Determine the vertical and horizontal ...

A 3.6 diameter merry-go-round is rotating freely with an angular velocity of 0.73 . Its total moment of inertia is 1600 . Four people standing on the ground, each of mass 60 , suddenly step onto the edge of the merry-go-round.What is the angular velocity of the merry-go-round ...

Nataly works in a Young Womens Fasions ia department store. Within this department she specializes in knitwear. This is a example of which of the following departamental schemes? Product,customer or Custumer,Product.

college algebra
A boat can maintain a constant speed of 34 mph relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 21 minutes; the return trip takes 13 minutes. What is the speed of the current?

For homework we're supposed to give all the properties of different functions. I was able to do all of it except for this one greatest integer function - f(x) = -1/2 [x-1] These functions always mess me up! Could someone tell me the following properties of this function. ...