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A rectangle has an area of 48 square feet and a length of 10 feet. What is its width?

A length of string that is 22 feet long is being cut into piece that are 1/3 foot long. How many pieces will there be?

What was Jefferson's view of Washington's actions to the Whiskey Rebellion

A rectangle has an area of 48 square feet and a length of 10 feet. What is its width?

How much did he LOSE is the key question. He spent 125000 on the cloth, but he can only sell it for $52493 in New York. That leaves him at about a $73000 loss

science accelerated
Well thanks.

science accelerated
In today's society, people are putting chemicals in food such as artificial particles in candy. So my question is, is what are the CONS (negative side) about Technology in out foods we eat in today's society.

science accelerated
Can you please list only the CONS about technology in the food we eat today. If you can't then look for a website with the cons. Thanks.


it costs kerry $400 to build a tree house. he sells the tree house to nannette and makes a 48% profit. how much does nannette pay for the tree house? i multiply 400x48% and i got $192, am i right

Math 6 Help!!!
Danny poured 78 liters of water into containers X, Y, and Z. The ratio of the volume of water in Container X to the volume of water in Container Y is 5 : 2. The ratio of the volume of water in Container Y to the volume of water in Container Z is 8 : 11. a) How much water was ...

Binomial probability distributions are used in business, science, engineering, and other fields. Suppose you work for a marketing agency and have to create a television ad for Brand A toothpaste. The toothpaste manufacturer claims that 40% of the toothpaste buyers prefer Brand...

*The number has 8 digits, none of the digits are the same. *It is evenly divisible by 10. *The value of one of the digits is 80,000 *The digit in the millions place is the largest 1-digit odd number. *The digit in the thousands place is 3 less than the digit in the millions ...

Business Finance
You should sell to gain capital to reinvest in more profitable stocks. You could also sell to keep from borrowing. If your company is having financial problems and you go public with your stock, you also keep yourself from incurring personal losses. Borrowing should only be a ...

I need to prove that the following equation is an identity: (1 + tan(theta/2))/(1-tan(theta/2))=tan(theta)+sec(theta)

Do influences like culture, environment, history, and nature have a liberating or limiting effect on individual freedom? Some specific examples.

fluid power
a cyclinder must move a 2000lb load 2 ft. how much work must work in perform

Suppose a new drill could reach twice as far in the earth's crust as a drill can today. How would this affect rocks?

can u make me sentences use the word of send

how i draw the tessellating pattern using a rhombus

how make a tepee

CC company's bonds mature in 10 years and have a par value of $1000 and an annual coupon payment of $80. Market Interest rate for the bonds is 9%. What is the price of these bonds?

Approximate the area under the graph of f(x)and above the x-axis using 4 rectangles: f(x)=x(x) +2 using 4 rectangles at intervals 0,5

Physics - Kinematics
Qn: Ball 1 is launched up an inclined plane from the bottom of the plane with an initial speed that is the minimum speed for it just to reach the top of the plane. At the same moment as ball 1 is launched up the plane, Ball 2 is released from rest at the top of the plane. They...


A cable passes over a pulley. Because of friction, the tension in the cable is not eh same on opposite side of the pulley. The force in one side is 110 N, and the force on the other side is 100 N. Assume that the pulley is a uniform disk of mass 2.1kg and radius 0.21. ...

enviromental science
Describe the major problems in today's large cities and the cause of these problems

enviromental science
How has the size and location of big cities changes since the year 1900?

Is the answer D on this question: 1. The basic principles of economics imply that policymakers should a. rely on markets to guide economic activity, except when markets produce inefficient or inequitable outcomes. b. enact policies that discourage people from specializing in ...

Which of the following events would unambigously cause a decrease in the equilibrium price of cotton shirts? a. an increase in the price of wool shirts and a decrease in the price of raw cotton b. a decrease in the price of wool shirts and a decrease in the price of raw cotton...

Which of the following would not result from all countries specializing according to the principle of comparative advantage? a. Each country production possibillties frontier will shift outward. b. Worldwide production of goods and services will increase. c. The well-being of ...

The demand for high-skilled workers is greater than the demand for low-skilled workers because A. the MRP curve of high-skilled workers lies to the right of the MRP curve of low-skilled workers B. high-skilled workers have a larger MP C. high-skilled workers get paid more D. ...

A soild wheel initially rotating at 50.0 rad/s comes to a uniform stop after 8.00 rotations. Calculate the tangential accleration at the rim. Given that the angular acceleration is -24.9 rad/s^2. I know its aT = r alpha but how do I get the radius?

X + Y = 2000 X = 3Y-240 3Y-240 + Y = 2000 4Y - 240 = 2000 4Y = 2240 Y = 560 X = 1440

K = S + 9 K = 2S + 1 s + 9 = 2S + 1 -S -s 9 = S + 1 8 + S K = 17

A population shows 81% have the dominant phenotype. If Hardy-Weinberg conditions are met, what will be the genotypic frequencies in the next generation? ______Homozygous dominant _____ Heterozygous ______Homozygous recessive

7 Girls x 7 Bags x 7 Big cats x 7 small cats x 4 legs = 9,604 7 Girls x 7 Bags x 7 Big cats x 4 legs = 1,372 7 Girls x 2 legs = 14 9,604 + 1,372 + 14 = 10,990

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