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Celeste's diet restricts her intake of protein to 24 g per day. If she eats 1.2oz of protein, has she exceeded her protein limit for the day?

Chemistry problem: given: serving size 0.5 oz, 4g fat/ serving, 140 mg sodium/serving. a) box has net weight of 8oz how many crackers per box? i got 96. b) if you ate 10 crackers how many ounces of fat are you consuming? i got 0.23 ounces. c) how many grams of sodium are used ...

if the dominant allele factor us essential for sight and the factor B results in blindness no matter what other genes are present, then the ratio of blind to normal offspring of the cross aaBbxAabb will be a.1:1 b.1:3 c.2:1 d.3:1 I think the answer is 1:1 because that ...

What gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions?

What did Canada do in the 1980's to try to promote economic growth??

social studies
Thank-you. Would you happen to know any links that talk about how the west influenced China?

social studies
China, when it first beacme a communist nation, introduced a "closed door" policy and isolated itself from the rest of the world. now through tourism and trdae China comes into contact with the rest of the world. What motivated China to open it's doors to the ...

Thank -you

Coral reefs are rock like ridges built naturally by tiny marine animals called corals. They have taken hundreds of years to form. Why are scientists and engineers building artificial reefs off the coast of France, Japan and the United States? A.To trap pollutants B.To decrease...

Imagine a stone henge from 3500 years ago. The outer circle consists of 30 stones, each standing 4m tall, 2m wide, and 1m thick. If the circle containing this regular polygon was 33m in diameter, approximately how far apart are the outer stones??

Say you have a circle with a line going straight through the middle and another line crossing it close to the minor arc are both these lines guaranteed to be perpendicular??

Math- Circles
I'm confused???

Math- Circles
Suppose you have a perpendicular bisector of a chord passing through the center of a circle. The perpendicular from the center of the circle bisects the chord giving the chord two equal sides.Are the two sides guaranteed to be perpendicular?? Any help would be greatly ...

Math- Linear Functions
Okay so suppose only dotted lines(rather that solid lines) border a solution region.The given linear objective function is Q=x+y, which is based on contiuous variables. Can the obejective function have a maximum or a minimum value??

Y=mx+b I know how to find y,m, and x but I forget how to find b. If anyone can help me that would be great.

3/4x-2/5y=2 1/2x-3/5y=-2 im having trouble re aranging the y and the x values and im saposed to be sovling it with either substition or elimination Try this: Double the last equation to get x = -4 + (6/5) y Then substitute that x into the first equation and solve for y. (3/4...

Analytic Geometry(Math)
A shopkeeper packages together two types of hard candy: peppermint and cinnamon. Separately, the peppermint candy sells for $1.80/kg and the cinnamon candy sells for $2.40/kg. Determine the amount of each type of candy that is required to make 50kg of the mixture. Verify your ...

How do you write a newspaper editorial? What is a news paper editorial?? A newspaper editorial states the position and opinions of the editorial staff. It may praise or condemn and action. I may urge action on a particular issue. The opening sentence should make clear what ...

Social studies- Economic Development & Interdepend
I am given the topic- Third World Debt Repayment. I am supposed to be both speaker A and speaker B; speaker A gives positive comments for the topic and speaker B gives the negative aspects of the topic. So far I was only able to give the negative aspects of Third World Debt ...

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