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* Elitist.

was socrates and elist? I don't think he was but i need to double check.

jack and nick are both older than mona pete is older than jack but younger than nick list the people in order from youngest to oldest.??

Basic Math
Which of the follwing numbers is greatest? 3.2, 3 1/4, 25/8, 3.15, 19/6 Each number is between 3.1 and 3.3 Convert each to a decimal and you will see which is biggest. You could also figure it out by realizing that 3.2>3.15 and 3 1/4 > 3 1/5 = 3.2 > 3 1/6 > 3 1/8

Find the perminter of the rectangle 9inches on top 3 inches on side. How do i set up the equation? Nevermind I got the answer