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7 stacks in 1/3 so how many would she stack in an hour? just multiply 7 *3 if she stacks 21 in an hour, multiply by 2 to find 2 hours

Math work
Let the no. of bread rolls be x. Neighbor: 2/5(x) Remainder = x - 2/5(x) = 3/5(x) Cousin = 4/9 * 3/5(x) = 4/15(x) x - 2/5(x) - 4/15(x) = 15 x - 6/15(x) - 4/15(x) = 15 x - 10/15(x) = 15 (15x - 10x) = 225 5x = 225 x = 225/5 = 45 Therefore, he made 45 rolls.

The advantages of binary fission are that: -it is fast (approximately 20 min generation time for some bacteria in optimal conditions) -it only requires a single organism (sexual reproduction requires two organisms)

explain the meaning of this statement"specific heat capicity of alumminium is 900J/kg°C"

A 0.5 kg object at 16°C is put into a beaker containing 2 kg of water at 25°C. By assuming that no heat is lost to the surrounding, calculate the final temperature of the water. (Specific heat capacity of object = 840J/kg °C, specific heat capacity of water = 4200J...

There are a few red and a few green balls in a box, Blind folded, you have to take out 7 balls to have a red for sure,and you have to take out 13 to have a ball from both colours for sure. How many green and how many red balls are there in the box?

Thanks for helping my son again, the teacher goes very strict on him :)

I need to know, which order to put those numbers on a 3x3 grid, so I get the same answer for each number! ( I'm confused too ) ( Canada, Toronto )

Write the numbers1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20 and 21 into the fields of a 3x3 grid so that the sum of the numbers in each row, column and diagonal is the same. PLZ HELP DUE TOMORROW!

You have several 5x11 rectangles, using only these rectangles, what can you make? A) 39x54 rectangle? B) a 39x55 rectangle? Plz help my parents are at work and sisters are doing homework, I'm 9 help!!! ( math due tomorrow!! )

Thank you. My son needed this, and I was at work so yea.

The sum of 13 different positive whole numbers is 92. What are these numbers?

that equation doesnt work. just saying...

probability and statistics
The annual Salary of an electrical engineer is given in terms of the years of experience by the table below. Find the equation of linear regression for the above data and obtain the expected salary for an engineer with 15 years of experience. Round to the nearest $100.

Grade 4 Math
Need help please for my question starting with Mele.... Thanks in advance.

Grade 4 Math
Mele is feeding some of the many exotic fish that live in the coral reefs off the island of Tonga. This is the largest of a chain of islands in the south Pacific. Mele has brought a cooked banana from home to give to the fish. As the fish nibble on the banana, Mele counts 24 ...